Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maui - The short and sweet of it

How awesome that this is my 300th post on this blog... it showcases one of my all-time favourite holidays ever.

Maui was incredible. It was so lush and tropical. Words can not describe its beauty, the people, the scenery, the food. All of it was incredible and being able to share this adventure with Justin makes it even better. He is by far the best travel partner I have travelled with. I loved looking over to see his face when I saw something incredible because he showed such awe and it was always exactly how I felt too! It was simply awesome!

I always do a 10 things about a place - so, here is my 10 things about Maui.

1. It is illegal to camp on the side of the road, but that doesn't stop anyone.
2. The best and most refreshing drinks are at Hana farms, the hibiscus drink was incredible!
3. The biggest wave ever paddled into is 54 feet and was by Paia. We didn't see it tho.
4. One side of the island gets so much rain they get flash floods but the other side only gets 11 inches. It is such a diverse landscape!
5. The road to Hana is a bit sketchy, but if you REALLY  want a challenge, keep going past Hana to the sacred pools, that is the sketchiest road I've ever been on.
6. Property on Maui is about the same as property in central BC. Moving there has crossed my mind.
7. Everyone gets up pretty early, we were up around 6:30am everyday... But everyone tucks in pretty early too. Most nights we settled in by 9:30pm. This is very common.
8. The only way you know about the roosters is if you camp or are local. There are no roosters on the resorts. :)
9. The fruit on the side of the road is worth the stop every. Single. Time!
10. The mixture of sunshine and local fruits and veggies makes your skin glow and smell like a tropical breeze. It was my favourite thing about Maui.

As I have said before, Maui is magical and I know we will go back one day... Maybe when our dollar is better!

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