Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This crazy buzy, but wonderful fall

I'm procrastinating again... seems that's what it feels like when I blog anyway. But today, in this moment I wanted to write a letter to myself, to Justin, and to those around me in this moment of vision! :)

I do a lot of random things, A LOT. I crochet, take a wine class, volunteer, work 2 jobs, spend time hiking, biking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, A LOT... and my life is always busy. Sometimes it seems like a drag to always have stuff you HAVE to do. For instance, at this moment... in my moment of procrastination I have the following going on this week.

I have just gotten off an 8 hour day work at home. I decided that I shouldn't drive my car to work today due to poor work conditions - I have yet to get my winters on (gah, I know, so bad) and I can't take my smartie on a road that's through a field - like my road to work does. SO... I am at home, manage to get a bunch of little nagging things done at work (Yes!) and I have settled down to do some of my Sommolier homework I have been neglecting for weeks. I have my exam on Sunday and I want to get all the chapters in at least once and most twice. The practice exams end on Friday and I want to get one in if I can. I have Justin's brother coming tonight and we need to tidy (thanks J for volunteering and also for supper).

Our house at this moment - the bathroom still needs tile - we managed to get a weekend to do some but we used it to put all the baseboards on. Done, thank God. So, our closet and bathroom have no lino - in prep. In the living room, all my stuff for the Seniors Santa gift program is  thrown all over the floor. I have to get all the presents wrapped and boxed for Saturday when I have to drop them off. Also in the living room my night stand that I have to finish painting. In the spare room, the closet doors from the front closet.

Justin's mom will be here on Monday for 2 weeks so we are aiming on having our projects wrapped by Sunday night.

And I know we can do this all. We just do - and then the house feels great and looks great and we are exhausted and pleased. And it feels worth it... but I know how sucky it is. I am in it.

BUT - I am taking this moment, where I have this beautiful classical compilation going - beautiful violins and cellos playing as I sit, sipping a fresh, crisp Pinot Noir and study the region it comes from. Because I did that to myself and I'm enjoying this moment.

I have such a beautiful, amazingly rich, incredible life.

I have a house that is beautiful and almost exactly where I want it to be. I have an amazing partner that jumps along in my crazy-mobile as I plan the shit out of our lives. (Which, I know he hates most times.) I am planning on spending my life working for a common goal with an incredibly intelligent, kind, gifted, funny, charming man. And I get a family with him, how ever that comes. I live in a country that allows me to work, to earn a living doing something I have a passion for. A company that allows me to work from home when I need to, and flies my brother-in-law and mother-in-law to see us. A family that we can make a priority to see, because they are awesome and kind and fun to be with. A beautiful life to be able to give back to those seniors who were forgotten (because I've seen that and it makes me so very sad to see). A world worth giving back to those who brought us another mind and life. I am feeling so very grateful! I just had to express that today... cause the rest of this week is going to be hard. And I know that. And we will get through it. :) Life is good today. And every day.

P.S. Thank you - for all you help me do. I appreciate you.