Monday, April 20, 2015

Making changes

Well, April is almost over and for me, it is time for a little reflection. How have I been doing with my New Years resolutions? How am I feeling? What am I up to?

I have really been doing well on my resolutions this year! Since they are 10 of them, maybe not all of them have been given top priority, but over all... I think I've been doing well.

I have been 'reading' a book each month - in fact I have been getting through more than 1 book a month. The way that I have been able to do this is by listening to books on tape. I have listened to 6 books this year and read 2 - I am completely ecstatic about this. To further the excitement, I am now part of a book club that will meet each month so I will defiantly get a book in!

I have been learning a lot - with webinars and learning at work to the sommelier classes I have taken, I am keeping my learning to a max and I love it! This one will be an easy resolution to continue this year!

Head to the mountains 1/month: My face is stinging from sunburn from being on the side of the mountain all day yesterday snowboarding. I had the most wonderful day with Justin and his brothers snowboarding, drinking beers and sharing some laughs. It was the best day in the mountains for sure! We are planning a camping trip in May and June - this one is going to be another easy one. I did miss going out in March, but figure I will make that one up in May and June! :)

Try a new recepie - this one has been awesome! We have discovered things like individual spinich dip bread bowls and egg waffles - I have a list of things I want to try and often I try more than one new meal a month. There have been some bombs, but there have been some great ones!

Some of the ones I have been struggling with... Get healthy. I think I finally have my eating on track, and it's ball season soon, so I will be getting out into the fresh air. We have brought the bikes out and have been snowboarding, but I still am not moving as much as I want. SO... I have started a challenge of 30 days of yoga. Starting today. We shall see how this goes! I found this article for motivation: Changing a habit in 30 days - I also have my new running schedule - starting next Monday. AND biking to work resumes when it is above 5C in the mornings. I will get there!

Be more thankful, be kinder and gentler - This is really hard to validate and quantify. I haven't been sending out my Thank you notes as much as I want - but this is something I can catch up on, and I will. Being kinder and gentler, I think the fact that I am doing more yoga and dealing with stress differently has helped with this, but again, it is so subjective.

There are so many things that I still want to do this year, and although it won't be a big travel year like last year, I am sure this year will be just as epic. For example, I learned how to snowboard this year... that's awesome and it's only April! What else will I do this year? So much time left to explore that answer!!!! There is so much to do, so much to be thankful for, and so much happiness in the world - go and explore; find your place; grow and find peace - This is what I am trying to achieve and I think I've gotten a great start! Try something new and before you know it, you may have changed your life for the better! You'll never know if you don't try!