Monday, March 16, 2015

Update on the reno's

Well, this weekend, we finished the renovations to the main living spaces in our house. It looks incredible when it's cleaned and now it highlights those spots that need to be updated and re-done.

A small peek at the completed renos
We still have work to do on the bathroom and we still have the back splash to put on the walls in the kitchen, but the main living space looks incredible!

Next up, we are making couches. I think we will be working on the plans and getting the materials in the next couple weeks and then we will start building in Justins' brothers' garage. It should be an interesting project and I look forward to them being completed.

In the mean time, I have the material for the curtains in our room and I can't wait until we have all the furniture ready and moved around. Once we get the room situated in the orientation we want, I will make the curtains. We will eventually re-do the carpet in the rooms, but that won't be for a while.

When I have completed the curtains, I am going to start working on the giant quilt for our bed. I have sourced the yarn that I will need and have an idea on how to make the needles, but I am not sure how to do a cable knit... time to hit up YouTube to watch some tutorials and teach myself!

In total, here are the priorities:
1. Make Couches
2. Sew Curtains
3. Make woolen blanket
4. Up-cycle the china cabinet we got from my folks
5. Re-do bathroom
6. Re-carpet bedroom and office
7. Re-do the laundry room
8. Sew curtains for office
9. Sew table runner for the table

This should keep us busy for sometime - but once this is done, we should have a perfectly comfortable place to call our little family home. Its going to look wonderful once we have everything done. We are wanting to have this all done by June so we can make sure we enjoy this summer. So much to do! :)