Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Most Perfect Day!

The most perfect day! This fall heralded the most perfect day I have ever had in the mountains. I have been meaning to write about it and am finally sitting down to write my thougths down.
Unpacking the bikes for a day on the mountain

The air was crisp with a fall chill, the sun was shining (for most of it), we were outside doing something fun and athletic, we had a great little picnic while it snowed and then we ended it with an awesome beer and great meal!

We packed up the Subaru and off we went - it was finally time to try out my new (to me, thanks Kijiji) mountain bike and hit the trails. We decided to go to K-country and found a place that would suffice and unloaded quickly. we were on our way.

The weather was perfect as we started our little bike to a little mountain pond. We wove in and out of trees and the path grew from a paved path to just a mountain trail. Before we knew it, we were smack in the middle of the wilderness. The air grew sweeter with the fragrance of the pine needles being crunched under our tires. The birds and animals scurried and flew in the distance. It was calm and still and silent; it was perfect.

Wedge Pond - magnificant
We biked up and down hills to get to this little pond. The weather was so perfect that the mountains seemed grander in the stillness. They stood proudly, glancing in the ponds refelection to see their full magnificance. We sat and enjoyed this view for about an hour, chatting and munching on a snack we had packed - mostly homemade granola and apples with water.

On the way back, we begrudgingly started up the embankment only to, moments later, fly down the hill we had climbed. You never seem to know how high you have climbed until you have to decend. I was a wild woman, flying down the mountain side, feeling the fresh fall breeze speed past me. It was bliss, sheer and utter bliss!

The water was so COLD! We had to cross this river by foot.
We got to the car quicker than anticipated and with smiles spread so wide on our faces, and our cheeks rosy from the cool air, we loaded the car with our bikes. We happily went to The Flatbread Company in Canmore. We devoured 3/4 of a pizza each, and a delicious brown beer. The beer was cold and smooth and hit the spot! We got the dessert pizza and it was absolutly incredible. It had all the makings of a dessert people dream of.

Having had an amazing day in the mountains, we headed home, back to the city. As the sun set over the mountains that drive home, I knew that this day was going to be the day in the mountains to beat. Challenge accepted!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Reveal Day!

I got a package that was filled with British treats from my Foodie Pen Pal. It was delightful to open a package that had a nice note from my penpal and some new food to try. I am very thankful for the food - A lot of things are now gone, but we have yet to try the Yorkshire Pudding. That will have to wait for a night where we make a big roast dinner! :) My man friend thought the malt raisin cake was a British wonder!

Thank you again for the package Foodie Pen Pal! I can't wait to see what this months' brings!! :)