Thursday, July 11, 2013

My unfolding summer

Things in my world have been crazy busy for work the past couple months. Prepping for an event in Chicago consumed much of my time in April and May, then the event arrived in June and all went extremely well! Additionally, in between a crazy work schedule and slo-pitch and life, I finished my certificate in Instructional Design through MRU. I am so glad to be done and so thankful that I was able to accomplish this certification in only a year! Yeah me!

This summer has flown by. A trip to Chicago at the beginning of June stole a week and then a trip to SLC for a week shortly after made June disappear, literally! Tom and Leigh Anne were gone for a week in there as well so I had the big lonely house all to my self. June was a bit of a write off with all the work.... but now, July is here and July and August are FULL of fun things.

Tomorrow I am going to a concert that has 3 of my all time favorite bands playing... The Wallflowers, Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind... wow - I can't even describe how excited I am to see these guys all play... especially Third Eye Blind! Super, SUPER excited!

Saturday I am heading to Hay River for a week to visit the 'rents and relax... I am so excited to be having a bit of a break this summer. I really do need it. BUT, once I am back, I have a HUGE project that is due at the end of the month so I am thinking that it will be 'nose to the grindstone' for the next couple weeks.

August has some amazing things going on in the way of music as well. August Long weekend, I am heading up to the Big Valley Jamboree with Coreen. It is going to be so, so much fun! We have been friends for over 10 years and when we get together, we giggle like school girls and have a great time. I haven't been camping in years either, so it will be great to spend some time out in the wilderness. :) Two weeks after BVJ, Debbie (a lady from work) and I are heading down to Montana for a Blues Festival there. A full on ladies weekend where we will be staying with another lady we work with. (I guess it pays to have an international company! :)).

This summer will fly by and before I know it, my beloved friends Elisa and Michael will be celebrating their wedding and I will then be flying off to Italy on my adventure! This summer couldn't get any better.... or could it??? Stay tuned for how this summer unfolds.