Friday, February 17, 2012

A Mother's Love

Mothers are the most important person in our world - I believe. They are the ones that give birth to us, care for us and help us grow. They bandage scrapped knees, sit with you during a fevered night, helps you with your homework, bakes your birthday cakes, and loves you on the days when you aren't all that love-able. Mothers are special. Mothers are irreplaceable.

These thoughts come on the few days after Derek's Mother, Betty, passed away from Leukaemia. She has been living with this disease since her diagnosis in August and we were told that we would be lucky to have Christmas with her. We were so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with her. Although it was bitter-sweet, knowing that it would be our last with her, it was wonderful to be able to share traditions with her one last time. We were able to visit with her in August, and then Derek went again in November, and we went again at Christmas. We had travelled to see her for her 81st Birthday and one day before this, she passed away. While we did tell her Happy Birthday (because in Ireland it was the next day), we weren't able to share it with her.

I got along with Betty since the first time that I met her. She was clever and witty, pointed in her comments often and opinionated, but well spoken and got her point across. She clearly loved her family, and adored her grandchildren, but was raised in the old school belief that emotions aren't there to show. Spending the last days with Betty, I know in my heart that she adored my husband and his sister more than she ever expressed - I felt this so strongly. While I know that things haven't always been clear between her and her family, I know that she was able to share how she felt, the best way she knew how, with those who she loved. This brings me a lot of peace.

We said goodbye to Betty on February 4, 2012. She was surrounded by her family, and I hope she felt our love as she slipped peacefully from this world. I hope that she knows that we loved her very much and there is a hole in our hearts because she is gone. She was a strong, determined woman who followed what she believed and stood strong for her convictions. We should all be so lucky to have determination like her. I am a better human for knowing her and sharing in her experiences, even for just the short time I knew her. Saying goodbye was difficult, it always is, but I have so much peace surrounding her passing because I know I said to her what I needed to say, and I know that she expressed what she could in return.

So, to Betty. I wish you peace and rest and an end to the journey that you have been for near 81 years. Thank you for bringing into the world the love of my life. He is a wonderful, amazing man and I thank you for your contribution to who he is. I am so very lucky to have met you and have you grace my world for even the short time I knew you. Thank you and Good bye.