Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My first Triathlon

May 18th - Tri Diva Tri

The day came too quickly for me, and i didn't feel completely prepared for it, but on this morning I packed up my gear and my husband and away we went. To Airdrie, at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning... how my husband deals with me I will never know. As we were loading the bike in the car we notice that the front tire is flat, and when I say flat I mean FLAT... no reviving this sucker! SO, the whole way to the location of the Tri I am worried that my bike won't pass the inspection because they don't have the stuff to fix flat tires and I will be hooped. I try and relax, but if you know me, that thought will just make you giggle.

We roll up, get the lay of the land and go and pick up my registration package. I then get my body markings with my number... in PERMANENT marker (yes, it took a week of scrubbing to get this crap off). I had to practically disrobe while there because I hadn't changed into my gear yet, but you do what you have to do. We go back to the SUV and get the bike out, and start standing in a long line that seemingly doesn't move. I abandon Derek to go and change and finish my energy drink and get my timing chip that I forgot to get from the registration table. Did I mention that I felt unprepared for this race? We finally got to the start of the line up and they fixed the flat, NO problem... I felt so much better and relaxed so much more when this happened - it is amazing how solving one little problem makes your day!

The swim - 250m
Ready for the 10K bike
From then on, it was smooth sailing. We racked my bike and set up my gear, I practiced fininding my gear from where I was exiting the swim... we were good to go! We had our briefing that took forever and then it was time to line up in the hall and get ready for the 250m swim. About 20 mins after lining up, we were in the water! The swim went really well, the last 25m nearly killed me tho as the water was salt and I had not prepared for that, I drank a whole lot of it and it was GROSS! After the swim, I ran out to my bike, only to pass it 3 times before finding it and changing into my bike shorts and shoes... don't forget the helmet! I was off in a flash and was flying on the bike! I passed so many ladies I was starting to feel bad, that was until I came into the dismounting area where I managed to get my foot hung up and not properly unclip it from the petal... down I went. Humiliation aside, and no major injuries, I kept on moving... it was humbling as some of the ladies I had just passed were passing me with their bikes as I shamefully made my way to the transition area. The run was next so I quickly put on my shoes and away I went! My legs felt like jello and my side was hurting from all the salt water, but a 2.5K run was NOTHING right??? I managed to stumble through it and crossed the finish line under an hour (which was my goal) - 58:05 was my time and I am happy with it!

Done the 2.5K run - total time 58:05
Next up, Strathmore Triathlon which is a sprint on June 25. I will try and actually train for this one! :)