Saturday, May 21, 2011

Derek's Birthday

For Derek's birthday this year, we had a small party at home. I made a roast and a cake and we had friends and family over. It was a nice evening with too much food and a lot of laughs... most particularly over the cake... the 6 fingered Red Hand of Ulster! ooops! :)

Just outside of where our hotel room was
Since Derek was so busy this season with work, being as there was an election and such, I waited for a couple weeks to take him on a surprise trip to Waterton. He was such a sport and played along guessing where we were going the whole drive when he knew that it was Waterton we were headed to.

Standing in front of a HUGE pile o snow
I got the luxury suite overlooking the lake and it was beautiful! Waterton is a magical little villiage where I love to veg and relax and just be. We got in later than we wanted, about 10, but we still had time to sit in the lounge and veg, have a beverage and eat. The next day we slept in and had a great brunch at a local diner... it was pricy but all things in resort towns are. We were going to go for a hike up Bears Hump but there was avalanche warning for all the hills surrounding us. They still had SO much snow... more than some people had seen in 35 years!

The Prince of Wales hotel... ironically where my Grandparents met!
We spent most of the weekend roaming around the quaint town, sleeping and we even snuggled up for a movie when the rain started! Some of the buildings and stores were still closed as the season starts after May long for them, but we managed to see most of the shops and buildings we wanted. Overall, it was a romantic, relaxing and wonderful, restful weekend... I had a great time and I think that D did too!