Monday, March 28, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter... M

This date happened in the beginning of March - fitting as it was, but it has taken until now to blog about it... why you ask? I chalk it up to pure excuses and laziness - sorry.

This sunny March day found Derek and I exploring the depths of the Military Museums. This place included exhibits from before WWI up unto Afghanistan. It was a representation of what Calgarians, Albertans, and Canadians have contributed to the safety and security of the country and the world. The exhibits included many peace keeping missions, artifacts from all the wars we have fought in and memorial walls for the soldiers who have fallen in and out of combat.

One of these walls was particularly important for us to see, as it held the name of Derek's cousin, Paul. Paul was in the Royal Princess Patricia Infantry and had served in many Peace Keeping missions during his service. I believe that one of the place he served was in Kosovo. Some of his time in service was not very pleasant, as you can expect, and impacted him greatly. It is days like this one, when we choose to remember those that have sacrificed their lives that I remember the cost of freedom is not free. Although I do not believe that war is right or justified, protecting the people that are helpless and not able to fight for themselves seems justified and right to me. Its like a bully on a playground... that bully will mercilessly pick on a kid until they break or until someone stands up to them to let them know that what they are doing is not right. It is this, the standing up to the bully, that Canada is helping with when they enter Peace Keeping Missions - and I will stand up proudly and support them in their quest. So, thank you Paul for your sacrifice and for your service... we have not forgotten you.

Going to a museum such as this help us to remember the history that our country has created for itself, and bringing someone so smart helps with this. He knew ALL SORTS of things about the wars that happened and particular battles. He even knew about the "Izzy Doll" (to find out more click here). He constantly amazes me with his knowledge about things... it is good to have married a smarty pants!

Another thing that we did for our M date is to go to a movie. As we were driving, we decided to go to the new fancy theatre at the big Mallzac - it is just out of town but is giant! As we were driving, it appears that an MVA (Motor vehicle accident) had occured on the highway - we were not able to change our route as we had passed all the turnoffs, so we were committed and sat patiently as they cleared up the debris. Because of this wait we missed the movie time we had chosen and were forced to walk around the Mall for a bit. We had some food and Milkshakes and finally were able to watch our Movie.

It was a great day, emotional and historical, I learned a great deal, had to practice my patience while we waited for the car crash to be cleared, and just enjoyed the day with my fantastic and smart husband. Once again, a reason why I love this alphabet date idea and another reason why I love my husband!

Until next time... when we see what the letter "S" has in store for us.