Thursday, February 17, 2011

This date is brought to you by the letter... C

Merlin and Audrey
So, the 1st weekend in Feb. Derek picked another letter from the "Alphabet date" pile and lo and be hold - it was a C! What did we do to fulfil that letter you ask? Well... we went and adopted 2 cats! :) They are kittens really, but they will grow up to be cats.

We spent all day trying to get the kitties sorted out so we didn't have much time for the other parts of the date. SO - since it is our date, we prolonged it... the next weekend we spent a leisurely morning having breakfast with the Coopers (that starts with C!) and then headed out for a hike in Canmore. The weather turned kind of ugly on our drive, the temperature dropped about 5 degrees and snow started to fall, big wet glorious snow! It was so beautiful, but who could hike in such weather? We weren't prepared for being wet and the extra -5 degrees below zero. We decided, instead to have a lovely afternoon roaming the streets (or street) of Canmore. We stopped at a local Coffee House for a Coke, Cheese Bagel, Carrot cake and Cocoa! (ALL start with C!). It was a lovely afternoon spent catching snowflakes on our tongues (OK that was me) and spending time chatting and being with each other.

Honestly, I don't think enough couples do this... it is so important to put time aside to spend time with each other and remember why you are together. Love is a beautiful thing, but it takes work and commitment and time. That is why I loved the idea of the "Alphabet date"; it gets us out doing things that we have always wanted to do and it lets us spend time with each other. It has been wonderful so far! I do have to say that we need to pick up the pace in order to get through all the letters - but, then again, who said they all have to be done in one year!? :o)