Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloggity Blog

 Well blogging world... one more week and my new adventure begins. I have been offered a new job working with a different IT company. Here I will be working in the Support department doing just general support like I have been with ADP - only I will have the opportunity hopefully to do more documentation work and maybe get into the communications side of things... you never know.

Things at ADP have been quiet and the people seem like they aren't overly sad that I am going - except my boss, I think she realized my worth but wasn't able to offer me any reason to stay! I haven't gotten so much as a peep from the soul sucker - just as well, it would have been all negative anyway...

So, on to bigger and better and brighter things - I hope!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This date is brought to you by the letter.... H

H! The best letter in the world! Hurrah! Hazza! Hallelujah?

What did the letter "H" have in store for us? We spent the day at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump!

We slept in (glorious sleep) and then hit the road after hitting "Hortons" for some breakfast! We spent 1 hour and 45 mins on the "Highway" driving, listening to music, chatting and just relaxing. We stopped (as I passed the entry for Head Smashed in) to figure out how to use our new GPS... only to turn around and drive back the same way we came for 1 km... in case you guessed it... I was driving!

Behind me is the "kill site"

A Traditional Tipi
 We spent some time on a chilly walk to the "kill site" or the place that the unsuspecting Buffalo threw themselves off a cliff. We then went inside the Interpretive Centre and spent the next couple hours reliving the "Hunt" and learning about the Blackfoot tribe and their way of life, excavation of the site and how things have changed in the past 150 + years since the introduction of Europeans to the Native culture. It was incredibly interesting and very educational. I am very glad that this was our first Alphabet date!

A mock up of what a Buffalo jump looked like from below!
On the way home, we stopped for gas and some snacks - I had a "Hot Chocolate" and Derek had a "Honey Bun"... all things considered, a very successful "H" kind of day!

Thanks for being such a sport babe, and I hope our next Alphabet date brings us on another awesome adventure!

Welcome 2011

Here it is... the first blog of the new year... albeit a little late!

So much has happened in the past couple months that it would be impossible to catch you up in full detail... I will give you the "Reader's Digest" version!

I turned 30 - I had a party, it was awesome. Derek took me out on the town for a night and we stayed in the swanky Palliser, saw the Canadian Tenors and I got some pretty and shiny jewelry. Turning 30 wasn't so bad.

Christmas came and went - we went to Vancouver for Christmas and spent the holiday with Derek's family and it was nice... no snow in Vancouver only rain, but it was still nice. We drove to Kamloops and had a wonderful visit with Don (Derek's former team mate) and then drove home through a snow storm in the Canadian Rockies... good times!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - We brought the new year in with style at a party with our good friends K and W. Good times, champagne and clicky shoes... what more could a girl ask for!?

Ft Mac? - Derek has spent almost 1.5 weeks in Ft. Mac leaving me at home to do things like learn HTML... sigh...

Now - Derek and I recently surpassed 5 years since our first date... awww... he is the longest relationship with a guy I have EVER had - excluding Dad and my bro - including my old car George!!! Thanks babe for helping make the past 5 years be years of growth, adventure and love.

So - what did I get for Derek for our "anniversary"? I created a new adventure for us... I called it Alphabet dates. What I did was find something to do here in our town to do for every letter of the Alphabet. Then I packaged them up in individual envelopes to open at our leisure this coming year. The goal... to open 1 every 2 weeks or so until they are all gone. There are of course rules... we have to do things that start with the letter and document them via photo, we can only do these things together (aka we aren't allowed to bring friends... they are dates after all), and we have to have FUN! We shall see how our first date goes... Derek has picked the letter H! :o)

Well, blog-osphere, you are caught up... welcome to the new year, welcome to the adventure that will be 2011!