Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time is whizzing...

I must admit that I have been SO preoccupied with this whole "running a marathon" thing and fundraising, planning and training for that, that I seemed to have shirked some of my duties. Namely vacuuming and blogging. :o)

Not much has been happening with us this summer... an endless supply of selling cookbooks, fundraising, running and working - that is my life right now! Derek has been teaching courses or working every weekend... making money for the big trip! :o) But, having said that all, and seeing that we are noticeably busy... we are happy. Time is ticking away and we are still living in marital bliss - How could we not be with the pending holiday we have before us!?

I have been running a lot... ok, maybe not as much as I SHOULD,  but enough to be able to make it through my first 32K run last weekend. WOW, was that a LONG way... BUT, I did it in under 4 hours which made me deliriously happy (not sure the delirium was from happiness or the run... but I was delirious non the less.) Perhaps my goal of running this marathon between 4 hours 30 mins to 4 hours 55 mins is achievable. I think it is if I stick to the training the next 34 days and eat good. (perhaps the apple danish I had for breakfast wasn't a good start...). This whole journey has been full of happiness and disappointment, pain and pleasure... I guess that is the life of a marathoner - you live for those moments where delirium takes over and it brings you through the hard and painful times. What a symbol of how life is... take the moments that make you happy and those will pull you through the sad.

I am so very much looking forward to the trip to Iceland. The more I read about this crazy, uncharted country/island, the more I look forward to our rustic, backpacking adventure. I only wish we had more time and more money... we could spend MONTHS there taking all the hikes and trails. It is a hikers paradise I have read! Hopefully we will get a hike or two in... time is of the essence and despite the rumours, Iceland isn't totally as cheap as initially thought. It will be a trip of a lifetime, however, and I really look forward to the rest... it has been a long year and a long time anticipating this. Can't believe it will be here in only 34 days!!! I run a freaking marathon in 34 days!!! Yikes... will I ever feel ready for it?

I am glad that I got time today to catch everyone up - fundraising isn't as easy as I thought and $12,000 is WAY more than I anticipated it being... but dollar by dollar, penny by penny, we are making it. Only $2908 to go and we have reached our goal! Thanks to all those who have helped along the way... a BIG THANK YOU go out to the parental units for the contributions a plenty... Thank you for helping me make a difference! Thank you for helping me achieve one of my life goals! Thank you for having me!! :o)

Until next time - here's a quote or two for you all to ponder!

"Even if I come in last, I'll always be ahead of the person that didn't get off the couch" ~ unknown 

- and - 

"The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat." ~ Bill Squires