Sunday, June 06, 2010

Uncle Ed

On May 25th, 2010 the world lost a wonderful and kind human being. Ed Wolanski, my uncle, died of a heart attack while in the hospital undergoing treatment for brain cancer. He was a gentle man, known for his listening and asking those important questions. He was a gentle soul who was so brilliant, creative and loving.

Derek put together a video hommage to my Uncle Ed... take a look and enjoy his easy smile.

I remember when I was a little girl we visited Ed and Ollie in Ontario. His welcoming smile made me smile and always made me feel at home. We would spend lazy days at the cottage and Ed's quiet reflection would evoke converstation and he always tried to engage us as kids... even when we were 10 or so. He loved to make you think.

What I will miss about my Uncle is his easy smile and welcoming hug, but also his inquisitiveness and curiosity about who YOU are. He was never one to shy away from the hard questions but he always asked in a way that made you want to answer them. He was a kind, gentle man full of spirituality and goodness. I will miss him very much - most specifically at the 100 year reunion, where 52 years ago Ollie and him shared their wedding. It would have been wonderful for him to be there to celebrate with us, but in truth, I am glad that he was taken without the great suffering and pain that is associated with brain cancer. He will share in our celebrations in spirit, and we will remember him.

Uncle Ed, thank you for sharing your wisdom, kindness and love with the world. We are better and kinder people for having known you - you will be greatly missed by so many people. I love you and miss you.