Monday, April 19, 2010

The cake geek?

Not sure how it happened... but I have become the resident Cake decorator! Honestly, though, I do enjoy it so it isn't hard to deal with... it is just weird because I am not all that artsy!

See exhibit 1 - the Princess cake I made for Lily's third birthday... It turned out pretty good... even if it DID fall apart when we tried to move it!

Then there was Rowan's cupcake which turned out AWESOME! It was delicious and didn't fall apart! See exhibit 2:
Then, lately, there was Derek's Cake for his Surprise birthday this past weekend. The original didn't work out at all... the icing just wouldn't stick to the sides of the cake... have you EVER heard of that? It was so odd. BUT, after a trip to the store late at night and some creativity (not really mine but our friend Kimberley who has a masters in Art) we ended up with a fantastic parachute cake for him! See exhibit 3:

So... Lily is turning 4 and I have a fantastic cake planned for her... lets hope it works out and doesn't fall apart like last years!

Until next time... Cake Geek signing off!

Exhibit 4: Lily's 4th Birthday cake - a Safari Train!