Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb's ramblings...

Well, here I am on nights again and alone as Derek has abandoned me for Arizona. :) He left on the 16th of Feb and hasn't looked back since. He is in 'Skydiving Mode' which means he is not really all that concerned about the snow that we get or the mail that comes... all that takes a back burner when it is Arizona time! Truth be told, he isn't having much luck down there this year as the wind tunnel is out of commission until mid March and the weather has been cold and rainy! I feel bad for the guy, sad perhaps because he is in AZ - land of sunshine and happiness - but I do... he looks forward to this ALL year - it is his time to be in his element, with like minded people who love to do what he loves. It is his "Derek time" and I really don't like when that is messed with. I wish him blue skies and fair winds for the remainder of his trip... and I hope that he gets to jump out of something cool like a DC3 to make up for the tunnel being out of commission.

As for me... I am running again, reading and working on my website. Check it out when you have a second... it is a work in progress... but I just wanted to see if I could do it! Let me know what you think. It all seems to always return back to this blog, however, and whether or not the website stays, this blog will live forever. It has become my online journal of my evolution of being human. How could I get rid of that?

It always amazes me how many people actually read this... I heard twice in the past 2 weeks about how people like to read my "blog thingy" so they know what is going on with me... it is encouraging and flattering that people take the time to read my ramblings. It gives me hope that my thoughts and writing are actually entertaining enough to return to time and again... hope for the potential book that I keep dreaming about. The dream however, is being a recluse in France and drinking espressos until my book is done. Not sure if it will happen that way or not, only time will tell!

Some of you may laugh, but lately, I have been feeling a little old. Not ANCIENT as in 95 years old kind of old, but old as in I have lived long enough to know someone for 20+ years. It is WILD when you can say - "Oh yeah, I lived in Iqaluit about 20 years ago" and be RIGHT! Then I look at where we were and who I was (a mere 9 years old) and I think how much time has passed, of all the people who have come and gone from my life, of all the people who left footprints on my heart. I feel warm and bubbly inside when I think of that. Then, I think of how un-cool I could now appear to my young cousins who are just graduating high school... I am their OLDER cousin... as in, could have bootlegged for them for the past 10 years old, as in have lower insurance because I am 'responsible' old. Perhaps this comes in the wake of my youngest cousin turning 18. That's it... there are no more underage cousins... we are ALL legal on both sides... what a revelation... that means that time is passing and life is moving on. The problem with this... I still FEEL 12! I still feel like catching snowflakes on my tongue and running around in the rain splashing in puddles. I don't think I am old, but looking around and seeing the world outside of my 'bubble' things are moving along, time is passing by, and people are getting older. I knew that time was passing and that life was being lived, but I didn't think that I would be feeling any different when I observed than I normally do. Who knew... and why didn't I get the memo!

Speaking of time gone by... I want to brag a little about our home town hero. Brendan Green is in the Olympics and races this Friday (in 2 days). I don't know Brendan on a personal level, but we could pick each other out in a crowd and know who the other person was. I watched as this gangly quiet boy grow up in the shadow of his brothers and sisters. His is the youngest of the Green clan (and I often referred to him as "little Green") and although he was an amazing athelete, all the Green's seemed to have that gift. Now, I see his pictures and video of him racing in Biathlon, and he astounds me. He is a strong, energetic, focused man who is following the dream he has had since he was "little Green". So, on Feb. 26th, I (along with my entire hometown) will be wearing Green and will be glued to the computer watching him race and fulfill his dream of being an Olympian. He is only 23, so this may not be his only Olympics - but you only have one first so this one is special! GO BRENDAN GO! To see more on Brendan, go to his blog and check it out... our hometown Olympian! We are already SO proud!