Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Blues

It seems that everyone I know is off on some great adventure to some warm location and Derek and I are stuck here, in snowing and icy Calgary. It was just a year ago when we graced the beaches of beautiful Bali, and then not long after being home we hit the road for Southern California, Reno, Vegas and Arizona. We were quite the globetrotters last year and I guess I am jonesing for a fix of jet fuel and passports! Derek will be off and away to Arizona in three weeks for his annual trip to Eloy. I will be staying home. I couldn't get the time off work and it didn't make sense for me to go this year. We are going to Toronto in March to visit family and see the sites however, and so maybe that will tide me over for awhile.

Iceland seems so far away but in reality... it is only 207 sleeps away or 7 long months! It seems like such a mountain that I need to climb because of the fact that I still have so much money to raise. I am only at about $3000 and my goal is $12200. I just sent out my cookbook to be printed so I hope that brings in close to $3000. I also have Yuk Yuk tickets left so that should bring in about $1000 and I still have yet to solicit straight donations so I am hoping that by June I have it all in order and the only thing I have to worry about is training! Speaking of training, I have the green light to run again from the Dr. and Physio guy... so I am taking it slow and steady and focusing on re-building the base that I lost in the 2 months of dormancy.

I just wanted to vent about not having enough traveling time set aside for us this year... next year things will be better and I hope that we can travel much more than we have this year... I guess it all depends on us winning the lotto! Perhaps I should finally buy that ticket! :o)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My thing

I just finished watching this episode of a show I like. It is about this girl who is in High School and she is asked to do special tasks for God. The moral of most of the tasks is to see how one action can and does affect others. This episode was different... it was about her finding her "thing"- you know, the thing she's good at.

I remember being in High School, surrounded by so many people who were talented in so many ways. James Oslund was an amazing artist, Jennifer Lee was so honest and faithful and gentle, Jennifer Rosendahl was a wonderful figure skater, Tiffany Frose was so delicate, petite and graceful, Sarah Makepeace has such beautiful writing, Nancy Grimm was so smart and stood up for what she believed in... the list goes on. It seemed like I didn't have a thing... I wasn't the best skater, or the best in school; I wasn't the best basket ball player or writer or baker in home ec. I was just me, a normal person who wished that she was extrodinary. This was the story line in the show today. Joan, the main character, wanted to find her thing... and by the end of the show, she had realized that her thing was that she explored, she tried different things. Even if she failed at one thing, she picked up what she had and moved on to the next thing. She dug deep for the jewels in life, the things that make it worthwile.

I realized that I am a lot like this. I have tried a lot of different things in my life... some I have done well at and others I have failed miserably at, but through it all, I haven't stopped trying to find the next adventure life has. I guess that is a lot like what this blog has been to me... a record of the things that I have tried and explored. From pottery to skating, from the LSAT to reading Dr. Boxalls 1001 books, I have tried a lot of things. I know that I won't be the next Michaelangelo or Literary giant, but I know that my family will proudly show the pieces I have made for them, or read my blog and writings and that is good enough for me. I am happy to be me, the person who loves to try everything at least once, and who doesn't have to have only ONE thing... I choose to have many... I choose to continue to explore. Like Joan, I choose to dig for the jewels of life...

4 years ago today, I was on a date that changed my life forever. It was on this day that I had the first date with the man I call my husband. It is amazing, when you look back on the days you have lived and see moments that changed your life, and if you have any luck, they make you smile. Today always makes me smile... today, 4 years ago, the journey of Heather and Derek began, and it makes me so very happy... I suppose this could count as one of my things... finding the man who utterly loves and understands me... Life is good ... the exploration and journey blissfully continue.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The swing of things

It is the middle of January and we haven't skipped a beat when it comes to getting back to the swing of things after the Christmas/New Years hoopla. Derek has been working hard this January, which to be honest is weird as January is one of their quiet months. He just got back from Ft. Mac only in time to go back on Saturday... oh life on the road... don't miss it much!

I have been tackling my 'resolutions' like a crazy lady on fire! I have 2 (almost 3) books read off "the list", I have been continuing to "train" for Iceland by going to the pool and swimming my little heart out, I am blogging more (want proof, see my other blog) and I am eating WAY more salad this month and I am feeling better. It is funny how when you change something that seems relatively small, it makes a big difference.

I am training in the pool for two reasons, one (being the major reason) is that my foot is still "broken". I got the results back just the other day and the Dr. said that my foot does NOT have a stress fracture. SO... back to physio guy to figure out what to do with this foot! I hope that it isn't TOTALLY buggered and that it isn't too bad where it would take MONTHS to get it back in running shape. I miss running... it was a way for me to escape the gloom of my job and the yuckiness of the weather and just get inside my head and imagine what life would be like if I liked my job and lived on a tropical island. ALSO, I want to test out the shiny new PINK ipod I got from my husby for Christmas :o). I will keep you posted on how this all works out! Until then, I have hit the pool and found that, like running, it has a methodical pace that you can just get into and think about other things. It is alone time with me. I can't think too much, however, as I am not yet as confident with my swimming as I am with running... I drank 1/2 the pool last time as it takes time for me to find my rythym... much like running was at first! I had gotten to the point when I ran that I could just run out the door and keep that pace, wonder what it will be like when I get back to it! eeek...

Rowan, my brother's oldest Child, turned 5 yesterday... it is hard to believe that this little girl had overcome so much and has graced our lives with such love and enjoyment for 5 whole years! She is our miracle child, and such a wonderful and enjoyable human! Her giggle lights up the room and her successes swell my heart... I just adore her and now she is getting to be a big girl... she is out of the toddler years! We are having a big birthday bash for her on Saturday and I (as Auntie Extraordinaire) have a delicious cake planned... a GIANT CUPCAKE! The theme of her party... all things pink and sparkly! (so needless to say, the cupcake (inside) is pink, the icing will be white with sparkly pink sprinkles and tonight I am making the "cupcake liner" out of pink candy! it is going to be SO COOL!). I have a Michael's trip planned for tonight! :o)

So, alas, we are very much into the swing of January... and before we know it, it will be February and Derek will be taking off for his annual trip to Arizona (without me *sob*). Time sure does fly the older you get...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Welcome the New Decade!

In comes the new decade and it makes me laugh to think of where I was on New Year's day when the New Millennium struck. I was in Hay River, boozing it up with my family and Aunty Jessie watching Peter Mansbridge ring in the New Year around the globe. We wore ridiculous 2000 glasses and drank from champagne flutes that said 1999/2000 on them. It was a happy New Year indeed!

It is also a time to take a look at what I have done and where I have been the past decade. I was in College when the year 2000 came, I was in year 2 in Grande Prairie and loving independence and learning. I was 19, it seems SO long ago! I have since been to University and received my degree and in the process met so many people that changed my life forever. I have been in some bad relationships but persevered and have found the love of my life. I have struggled to blend in and be who everyone else wanted me to be and realized that who I am is just wonderful and when I am myself people love me whether I succumb to everyone else's expectations or not. I have learned so much and discovered who I am in the past decade. I am exactly where I should be... on the brink of finding a career I love, sharing my life with someone who values me and loves me just as I am, and creating goals for myself that challenge me, help me to be a better person, and make me stronger. It was a busy decade!

What do I want for the next decade? I want life to keep on keeping on... I want those unexpected corners in the road of life to come up, so we can move with it and venture through this adventure called life. I don't want to set goals for the next decade, I know that I want to keep on checking things off my bucket list, and keep on traveling as much as we can. I want to keep my options open and take opportunities as they come.

I do have a couple resolutions, however for this coming year. They are as follows:

1. Train for and run the Marathon in Iceland   DONE
2. Live a healthier life - eat better and work out more DONE
3. Read at least 20 books off "The List"
4. Be nicer to my family and friends - they are the people I rely on most
5. Volunteer more
6. Try to get more items off my bucket list DONE
7. Be true to myself - don't go with the crowd all the time
8. Blog more
9. Get my website up and running DONE!
10. Finish 2 more courses for my Communications degree

I figured since it was 2010, I should have 10 resolutions. All of these basically are resolutions that make me better, healthier and happier. I hope to blog more to keep you in the loop with how they are going!

Until then, Happy New Year Blogging world and welcome to 2010!!!