Saturday, December 19, 2009


As it often happens, I have gotten wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season and have forgotten to inform my wonderful followers as to what I have been up to! Although time has passed, it seems that not much has changed. I guess the only valid news is that I have a stress fracture in my left foot. This was caused by the massive amounts of running I did prior to and during the 1/2 marathon in November (in which I beat my personal best by 2 mins and 30 seconds!). I really didn't think anything was wrong with it at first, I thought I pulled a muscle or something. A month passes and it still hurts. I decide to go to a physio guy and see what I can do to help the healing of this muscle... turns out that I have a stress fracture and the prescription to heal it is rest and no running and elevate it... totally sucky because that means I shouldnt run until February! I guess I will just have to try and keep the base I have up until then by swimming and biking.

Christmas is almost upon us and my folks are driving as we speak to come down and spend the holidays with us. It is going to be wonderful having the whole family together and having a good visit! I miss my parents when they are at home, and I am very thankful that they manage to come down here often enough for visits - even if it is a passing through visit on their way to somewhere exotic!

So, other than Christmas is comin' and the foot situation, nothing new to report! Be good to eachother this holiday season, remember that there are many people who have much less than you around the world. Try to be kind to your family and friends, they help support you in so many ways through out the year. Most of all, be good to yourself! Try and do something for YOU this holiday season... so often we get wrapped up in the season and doing things for other people that we forget about ourselves. Be kind to everyone... including you!

Merry Christmas!