Monday, October 26, 2009

Settling in for winter

It is that time of year, when all the leaves have fallen to their demise, the days feel shorter because they are, and there is an ominous gray colour to the light. It is officially fall, and really close to winter I would say. It is the time of year when the sweaters come out of their summer hiding places and the summer clothes get stashed for another season. It is the time when the air is chilly and scarves and mittens provide comfort, and when soup is a lunch staple, hot chocolate is like a hug and Chili is a necessity! It is the time where birds fly south, chipmunks store nuts and people begin to snuggle into their fire place ladened houses. It is the time where we start to hibernate, and only go outside when necessary or when spring comes, whichever it first. I don't know why, but I love this time of year. Perhaps it reminds me that all things come to an end and after the end comes a glorious new beginning. Perhaps it is because it brings me back to the days when life was so much less complicated, blissful and always happy. Or, perhaps it is because I like the way the cool air feels on my face and the smell of the fallen leaves as they crunch beneath my feet.

This past weekend, along with 400 other crazies like myself (and 4 friends whom I convinced with my dashing smile and clever wit) ran in the "Halloween Howler". It was 10K for me and 5K for my friends. It was, well, interesting. My friend Jenn brought her darling little girl and dressed her like a little flower. It was very cute. But, 1K into the run she started howling... she was covered HEAD TO TOE in snow. See, we are all crazy because it was snowing and slushie and cold. It was -1 Celsius and did I mention wet and cold? I managed to run, however, and beat any time that I have had in Calgary this year! I did 10K in 1:05:26 and to make things better, I blew by 2 girls just before the finish line... made me feel so great! (Very sick, I know, happy that I beat 2 lovely ladies - but seriously, one was in a pink tu-tu... how could I let her beat me?) I actually sprinted for the last 100 metres or so and it felt so good... The last 4K I picked up my pace too and passed quite a few people who were petering out at the end. Nothing like preying on the weakened... I sound evil! (insert evil laugh here!)

Other than running A LOT (last 1/2 marathon this season on November 15th), and working I have been crafting. A while back I stopped at my cousin Cathie's house and she - being a crafter extraordinaire - revived that urge in me to create. So, I have a couple projects on the go, some that are still 1/2 done from my un-employed era and some new ones. It is nice being able to craft again - not sure why I put it all away and stopped! I will try and post pictures when I am done some of my projects!

My brother and sister-in-law are in Egypt right now and I have to admit, I am green with envy. It is horrible being jealous of them as they really need a vacation. It is great that Rowan was healthy and happy enough for them to go. I know that they will worry about their children while their gone, but they are going to have a great time, and they will learn a lot about ancient days, and they will rest... they will see amazing things and be places that I have dreamed about seeing. So... wishing them happy and safe travels, super jealous but I will get over it. After all, we are going to Iceland in August, so I can't complain that much! :o)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fall has arrived

The chill in the air, the frost on the car windshield, the leaves rustling beneath my feet indicate that fall has arrived. Fall often reminds me of being a little girl and going to school, the new clothes and fresh scribblers, the start of the skating season. Fall makes me feel very nostalgic.

THIS fall, looking into the future, sees me working, finishing my course and running a lot. I am working towards a 1/2 marathon in November and after that I am free until March (maybe) of next year! It is nice to train for something and have a plan, but it is nice knowing there is an end in sight. I am looking forward to this race as it is flat, I have a great training plan, and I have a group of people that will be cheering me on... it is going to be super fun!

I am moving along with the course that I have right now... 1/2 way through it actually and although I haven't gotten any marks back (as I sent them in one after the other) I feel good about it! :o) I am not sure if I will be taking another class right after this one ends, but if things go like I wish them to I just may! :o)

Lots of potential change on the horizon in that I am looking for a new job - and not necissarily in Calgary. Turns out that the job I have isn't very fulfilling and really doesn't pay me what I should be making. I want something that is more challenging and of course pays more, so I am out there again, looking, scouraging for a new opportunity that I can sink my eager, young teeth into and learn. Here's hoping something comes to fruitition! :o)

That's all I have for you cool cats! You have a great Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend. D and I are headed to my bro's for some good eating and a visit. Although it won't be the typical "Turkey dinner" it will be delish! ( Thanks for the invite bro!!!) Ciao and remember that we have a lot to be thankful for. If you can read this, you are blessed in more ways that you think! You have access to a computer, you have power, you can read... all things we take for granted every day. Time to be thankful folks and be safe!