Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Anniversary week!

The first Anniversary came and went and it was a great time!

On the actual day, we hung out and spent the evening curled up on the couch watching a flick and eating pizza... I know, not the romantic ideal of an anniversary but it was so relaxing and wonderful! We did watch our wedding video again however, and Derek's vow's that he wrote all by himself still bring tears to my eyes. It was such a beautiful day and I am SO very glad that Jeff the videographer extraordinare got it all - the feel, the action, the emotion... the beauty of the day! (Thanks again Jeff!)

The next day, my husband surprised me with a massage at home. We had a massuse come to our house and give the both of us a massage. It was glorious. We lit some candels, put on some tunes and spent the 2.5 hours in wonderful, painful, relaxation. It was pure bliss!

The following day found us on a flight to Chi-town or Chicago for a weekend get-a-way for the celebration of one fabulous year of marriage. We did ALL sorts of things... rode segways, visited museums, saw amazing architecture, visited the 3rd tallest building in the world (Sears Tower), went on a sail on a tall ship and spent 3 fantastic days getting lost in a totally new city. We were exhausted by the time our little heads hit the pillows in the morning, but judging from all the pictures, it was SOOO worth it!

A couple highlights, the Segway tour - so fun!; The Tall Ship - since seeing "White Squall" I have always wanted to board a sailboat and hoist sails; eating Deep Dish Pizza - it has changed my take on pizza forever; and spending a wonderful weekend connecting again with my husband. It was a great trip; fun, fulfilling, action packed and worth every penny!

I am not sure if we could have spent the weekend in a more delightful, and "Us" way than traveling, spending quality time with eachother and just enjoying our surroundings and our life together...

I don't think we (as in the world) take enough time to just enjoy where we are and what we are in that given moment, and be thankful for it... we should be more thankful for what we have and what we are able to do... all of us. I know that I am very thankful for a wonderful husband, strong and rewarding marriage and a life that I could only have dreamed about.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One Year ago today

One year ago, today, the man I love and I climbed into a helicopter with some friends that were professional video, camera and rescue people and flew to the top of a mountain. We hiked down that mountain while engaging in a sacred union that will unite us forever... we got married. ONE YEAR has already passed in our lives of wedded bliss, I can hardly believe it, and it seems like so much has happened, yet the days flew by without me knowing it and lo and behold we are standing at the threshold of one year.

One year means a lot to me. It shows that we do still really like eachother and get along well enough to stay married. It says that we are united, and even though many have said the first year is the easiest, we are still the same Heather and Derek that helicoptered to the top of Mt. Charles Stewart that beautiful day. It is a mark in time that shows we have some history, and that the best is yet to come. One year means I am in this for good... I am happy, healthy, being present in my life and sharing every moment I can with someone whom I love more than I thought possible... One year means there is more, and it only gets better!

I want to say Thanks to my husband. Thanks for putting up with me when I am grumpy, sad, stubborn, indecicive, scared, sobby, and well, bitchy (I know, it never happens! :o)). Marrying you was the best decision I ever made and I am so very lucky to have you in my life. As I said one year ago today... "having you in my life makes me feel whole". Thank you for everything you do for me - you are the best husband I could have asked for! Please remember "For all eternity, I love you".