Monday, March 02, 2009

Still trucking...

Well, I have made the journey - one giant loop - and back to where I started temporarily... I fly out to Montreal tonight (well tomorrow morning really - 1am departure time!) Here you will see the path that I have completed in the past 3 weeks! What a trip this has been!!!

Near 7800 kilometers of driving put on our shiny new Rav 4 makes it not so new anymore - I think we can say that Timmy is officially broken in! In the past 3.5 weeks, Timmy (along with Derek and I) have seen 8 States and 2 Provinces! WOW!!

Not sure what to say about the trip... The Oregon coast was amazing, Reno was disappointing, Vegas was WOW, Eloy was HOT and fun and relaxing... 3 books and 1.5 hours in the wind tunnel - I would say it was good! ... the drive home was long but really great as I saw the Grand Canyon (which was on my bucket list!). So, it was a great trip! I am ready to get going on the next part of the adventure which is Montreal where I will be exploring the inner workings of the city, hiding out in cafe's and reading, practicing my French and just being in Montreal.

On the drive home, as I mentioned above, I went and saw the Grand Canyon... let me tell you, this is one BIG hole in the planet! It was amazing to just sit and stare at the geological marvel it is, makes me wish that I paid more attention in "Rocks for Jocks" or Geology in College - then I could have been able to say - "Oh, that is a blah, blah formation caused by the tectonic plates shifting while undergoing a geological heat transference with in the sub-radial layer" or something intelligent sounding like that... all I could come up with is "WOW, that is a GIANT hole in the Earth!" Either way, I am sure that the tourists thought I was the Crazy lady who talked to herself in a T-shirt! :o) The rest of Arizona is stunning, the red rock showing itself by the cliff load, winding roads leading up and down these rock faces to a desert that is so flat you wonder where it came from!

Then there is Utah... it is uneventful, until you get to Salt Lake where you could convert to Mormonism just by pumping your gas... it is THAT prevalent. Try finding a Starbucks in the land of Mormon... not impossible, I found it and lived to tell you where it is... it only took me 30 minutes! (For those of you who don't know, Mormon's don't drink anything with Caffeine, it is against their beliefs). After Salt Lake, it was driving, driving, and more driving through Idaho and Montana which are well, Prairies and once you've seen 'em once, you've seen them. I got to the US/Canada border in good time and called up Grandma asking if she had a couch that I could sleep on in Lethbridge for the night... she did better and made up the spare room for me! We had a great visit and I caught up on all the gossip in Lethbridge! I miss the days when I would visit Grandma after work every couple days. We would sit there and talk about what was in the Newspaper or watch curling... it was great to relive that memory!

Today I drove the last 2 hours back to Calgary... they were quick, painless, and got me thinking about the past as I went through some of my old "Neck of the woods"... brought back some really great memories like the one with my Grandma, or driving out to Raymond for the Poutine, or the feeling in the air in Spring when you smell the ground defrosting and you know that you only have a couple more months to the semester and you can work (and have money again!)... the crazy days of being a student, oh how I miss you!

Since being back, I have unloaded the SUV (when I pulled up and had the first load of luggage and saw the "Out of Order" sign on the elevator, I knew this was going to be a feat!), washed the car (I had been bugging me for 8 states and 2 provinces but I resisted washing it!), completed all the laundry and put it away, packed for the next 7 days in Montreal, booked flights to Yellowknife to help my Bro and Sis-in-law move here (YAHOOOOO!!!) and am about to embark on a conference call for the Adult Skating committee I am a part of for CFSA - ALL this without a GoFast (like a Red Bull but better!)... It feels good to be productive again!

What more can I tell you other than life is good... I am going to have been in 4 countries, 8 US states, 3 Canadian provinces and one Canadian Territory by the time this month ends... WOW - I wish it could be like this all the time! Until then Mi Amigos - "A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step" - when will you take your first step to adventure?