Thursday, September 11, 2008

Freedom IS fun

So, here we are... 7 years later. 7 years have flown by, that is, if you aren't one of the ones that was affected personally. I am talking about 9/11. It is remarkable for me to have gone through 7 years of life (and busy life at that) since those twin towers came crumbling down on a nation in the name of terror and hate. 7 long years for those parents and spouses of the 1200 people that are yet to be "found" in the rubble; 7 long years for our soldiers fighting in the name of freedom for people they have never met and never will meet. Yes, Freedom is fun.

It amazes me, sitting comfortably in my life, that we take so much for granted everyday. We take for granted that our airplanes are safe and the towers we work in daily are sturdy. 7 years ago, thousands of people thought the same thing and were shocked, saddened, hurt or killed because they were wrong on that one day.

We recently came back from New York, and we were able to see where those towers stood. It is hard to imagine towers hundreds of stories tall standing where there is a big gaping hole. It is hard to imagine those pictures we have engrained into our heads actually occuring while you are standing there, staring into the blue sky. While in NY, we were able to go to the memorial that they have built in memory of those who died that day. It is hard to walk through that place without being touched, hard to be flippant and un-emotional when you see the chunks of plane and melted fire helmets, things that remind you how this occured in the name of hate and how many brave men and women rushed in to save people they never knew with the idea in the back of their heads that they, themselves might not come out alive. It is hard to feel detached when you see the wall of pictures and look into the faces of the people that died and read the notes from their children saying how brave their daddy or mommy was, or their soccer team telling them that they were the best coach in the world. Yes, freedom is fun and it does come at a price.

The one thing that I found most remarkable was that there were notes from people all over the world that spoke in peace. A school in Japan sent thousands of paper cranes to schools in NY in the name of peace (as that is what the crane symbolizes). There was an overwhelming sense of hope, of lessons learned while in the memorial building. I think that is why our soldiers are still over there, because there is hope that we will one day be free of the feeling that there is hatred and war in the world; hope that things will one day be filled with peace and love; hope that we could all live together and accept eachother's differences and live in a society that stresses understanding and acceptance of differences. I think what I am most hopeful about is that people seem to be going and seeing these types of landmarks and remembering what hatred and intollerance bring. I am hopeful that oneday we will be a society that preaches tollerance, acceptance and love, but right now we are a society that is so focused on 'one upmanship' it is hard to breathe.

So, on this anniversary, this sad and mournful anniversary, I take the time in the name of hope, to remember those who lost their lives in terror and destruction. Hope that the messages for peace and love their families preached through their messages will one day be the legacy of this event; Hope that our soldiers are able to establish peace in a nation that is also full of intollerance and hate; Hope that one day we can look back on the event 7 years ago and say it was a turning point towards peace.

I will leave you with a quote from Malcom X that rings true specifically on a day like today. "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom."

Here's wishing you peace and love today.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On top of Mount Charles Stewart

Well... I did something I said 2.5 years ago that I would never do again... I got married! YES, I GOT MARRIED!!!! :o) I got married to an incredible man, who loves me and understands me and is wonderful and charming and intelligent and... sigh... just amazing. Life is great, life is simply fantastic right now... I am on cloud nine!

Speaking of clouds... this is how today unfolded...

We woke early in Canmore, the Georgetown Inn to be exact. We spent the morning getting ready, eating and having a saftey demonstration for helicopters. Why helicopters you ask??? Well, we took one to the top of Mount Charles Stewart and hiked down this mountain whilst getting married! We did the ceremony in stages, as we hiked down the side of the mountain. It was an ever changing landscape, an ever changing variety of photos to be taken... it was breathtaking! We started out at 8500' or so and ended at around 7500'... it was magnificent!

We have the whole thing on video and film as the only people that were with us were a videographer, a photographer, a witness and the marriage commissioner. It was a private (VERY private) and intimate ceremony, and the perfect way for me and my HUSBAND to tie the knot!

NOW... we are off to New York for a quick getaway while the world finds out about our nuptials! Surprise world!!! :o) More photos and stories to come... but I have posted a couple shots to satisfy those who are curious! :o)

I wish you all happiness, because I truly know what it feels like and it is amazing!