Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feeling home sick and a little violated...

I went to visit Norm in the impound lot where he is now living and I must say that I felt a little violated when I got to Norm and found that 1/2 my luggage was gone. I looked in the trunk thinking that I would find either my suitcase gone or my suitcase there... I hadn't anticipated that I would have 1/2 my clothes and no suitcase. The clothes that were still there were some great items which I am delighted to get back, but there were things that really upset me. For instance, rummaging through my clothing... EWWWW... what kind of creepo does that... touching all my undies and personal items... blech! I can't wait to get home to clean them. Another thing was the fact that I had anticipated all of it back or none of it back... I hadn't prepared myself for that option and so I must say I was rather un-prepared for having to take back what someone else clearly didn't want of my clothes... it just feels bizarre. ANYWAY, I am glad that this chapter of my life has passed and on to newer and better things... like Timmy, our new car!

Timmy is Derek and I's brand spanking new Rav4... it only had 18KM's on it when he picked it up yesterday... and I am so VERY much looking forward to seeing it and driving it tomorrow! He is a Ferny-green colour and has heated seats, a sun roof and a hard case for the spare tire (much to my chagrin!). He is spectacular and I am DELIGHTED to have FINALLY (after about 8 years of wanting one) got my Rav4... Next car??? VW Bug? Mustang? Lexus Sports Coupe? :o) As they say... "Onward and upward!"

My beautiful Niece is still in the hospital trying her darnest to get better... she just wishes people would leave her alone and let her be. She is constantly being poked and prodded and I cant blame the tyke for being a bit pissy... but she needs to just relax and get better... I hope and pray that she heals soon and is back terrorizing her family with her hissy fits at home soon... I also hope for a bit of a reprieve for Tom...he has been at that hospital for a month now, and that has GOT to be tiring. Mom and Dad have spent their ENTIRE vacation with Tom and Rowan in the hospital, which is not the most fun way to spend that time... but I know they made do. I think we all are getting weary of that hospital and want the schmuckster to just get better... sigh, it always sucks when you have to wait and watch the time go by.

Why homesick? Well, last week I was in Edmonton for a full week of training for a new software program I am going to be using. Then it was off to Vancouver to spend some time with Derek's family which was wonderful. It is nice to bond with them as they are so far away and haven't been a big part of Derek's life for a while. I look forward to seeing more of them around Christmas. I flew back to Edmonton (and my honey flew to Calgary) for a couple days before I return to Calgary where I will be until the 3rd of September... a nice long haul this time! :o) I am looking forward to things getting back to normal hopefully, as we don't have that much more travelling planned between now and the big trip in Dec.

BIG NEWS... My Jennifer is preggers! Jen and Taylor (Jen being my best friend) are pregnant and are expecting their first bundle of... stuff... in January. She is going to be the best Mommy EVER! I am just so happy for them, they have wanted kids for a while now... delighted doesn't begin to describe it! Way to go you two love birds!!! :o)

At that, I am done my update this time... stay tuned!

Quickly a quote that inspires my running... "Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever!" - Lance Armstrong.

Go and live your dreams, achieve your goals and live the life you imagine! - Heather Hamilton.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Norm is found!

Ok, so last I wrote, Norm my beloved car had been stolen by some wretched human! Well, Derek and I have purchased a Rav4 - affectionatly named Timmy! I am in total smit with this car (if that is a word!) and we haven't even recieved the keys yet!!! I have to get the insurance all sorted out this week so that Derek can pick it up on Monday... one week from today!

So, we purchased Timmy on Saturday and funnily enough this morning I got a call, first thing, from my insurance adjuster saying that they have found Norm! He was found in a parking lot close to where he went missing and was towed because he was illegally parked. The only thing wrong with it is the ignition is buggered! I called the place to see if I could go and see if there is any contents in the car and all they could say was that I have to go and check it out! I am TOTALLY going to have to do that this week to see if my luggage is still in the car... my CD's - oh how great they will be in Timmy! Since the insurance company has paid me out for Norm, I am not obligated to re-pay them and take Norm...

Rowie continues to be in the hospital... such a fighter that girl! She has been super pissed off because of all the tubes and such connected to her so I am hoping today that SEVERAL of the tubes can be taken out!

I will keep you posted on all the goings on... but until then I will leave you with this........

"To get the full value of a joy, you must have somebody to divide it with" - Mark Twain!