Monday, July 14, 2008

Norm is lost

On Friday evening, I come out of my office building in Edmonton with snacks in hand, ready for a road trip to Stony Plain to visit Derek as he was teaching a course out there, only to stare in amazement that my car was not where I had left it. My car was in fact gone. The moments that pass after you "loose your car" are ones of confusion. "Did I park here?", "Did they tow it?", "Am I loosing my mind and just can't see it?". Once the realization has hit you that yes, you DID park there and NO your car isn't there, then you spring into action. First I called the impound lot as there was a sign and a number in the parking lot where I was standing, and my car was not. This is the rare occasion where you actually HOPE your car was towed as the alternative is far worse and MUCH more inconvenient. The lady at the impound, along with NOT being helpful, was also quite rude. She instructed me to call the police impound lot, and so I did... no Norm. Next call was to Derek but he was teaching so no answer... sigh. Then the police. CRAP! The police officer was very helpful in that he called the first impound to ensure that Norm wasn't there... he wasn't. Then he filed a stolen car report... my car has been stolen... this sucks! SO, a few phone calls to the insurance company and a trip to the police station only solidified the fact that Norm was gone. I then had to take a cab out to the airport to pick up a rental car. NOTHING is open in downtown Edmonton after 6pm on a Friday. So, 3 hours and a lot of $$$ later, I am on the road to Stony Plain to meet up with Derek to figure out a game plan and sleep it off.

The REAL down side (other than my car is MIA) is that my luggage for the next week was in Norm. I had no contact solution, no lip gloss, no shoes or clothes other than what I had on me at the time... Can you say EMERGENCY SHOPPING SPREEEEE! It is funny because I had NO motivation to shop, I was so sad and disappointed with things that it was simply a struggle to try on clothes and shoes and figure out what I needed. The REALLY crappy thing is that after the weekend in Stony Plain, I was going back to Edmonton to work my 3 days on Monday... I had a weeks worth of work clothes and play clothes and ALL my fun jewelry, my hair stuff, my makeup and face stuff... everything that I would need for a week in Edmonton.

Good thing that I am determined to not look like a scrub! I managed to scrounge together a couple outfits for work and a couple for play so that I could look somewhat normal. I want to wait for the insurance company to call me to let me know what they are covering before I go and replace all that was in the car. I have remained relatively calm through this whole ordeal, shocking to me actually. I figure that it all can be replaced, it is only a car. No one was hurt, nothing that is irreplaceable was stolen (other than the beautiful ring I got in Peru, it could have been a LOT worse than it was, so I guess I am just thankful it was something like a car and not a person that was stolen! Life is a matter of perspective, and sometimes we just have to look on the sunny side... but that is my optimistic side speaking. Just as Marsha Washington said "I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." we need to be happy regardless of our circumstances, and this one of the greatest contributors to a good, happy and rewarding life. I could sit and stew about this, or I can be happy that it was just a replaceable object and move on. The inconvenience of this is the hardest thing to deal with, but really, if it means that I have all my family and friends, I can handle the inconvenience, they are worth that at least.

I urge you all to follow Marsha Washington's advice and be happy regardless of the circumstances, things could get worse, and most times they do when you let that storm cloud hang over your head... look for the rainbow after the storm because it is the rainbow that is the promise of sunshine, the rainbow is the happy ending. Just ask Noah! :o)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sheepishly late!!!

So... this post is LONG over due... so long in fact that I fear I have lost some of my captive audience, of whom I kept in the palm of my blogging hand. So sorry to disappoint any of you.

What does one start with after 2 months of not blogging and an incredibly full agenda and life!?? Perhaps a quote!? "It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It has been my take on life in general since I started this blog 2 years, 1 month and 2 and a half weeks ago, that life is in the journey, the steps you take. To me, it is very true that each step I have taken over the past 2 years has been of course part of the greater goal, but also goals themselves. Looking back at the first run I did, Oct. 2006... my first 5K. I just wanted to be able to run the whole thing... the next year I did it again and also an 8K... this year I am training for a 10K, next year is a 1/2 marathon and the year after that, my BIG goal, the one on my bucket list, a full marathon in a foreign country. All of the steps have been goals, small enough to achieve and big enough to be challenging and rewarding. For me, this is all part of the journey... the journey to be myself, to find my passion, and to live the best possible life I can. So Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (ok... nice name!!) is so right in that each day we must take steps towards our goal, and those steps are also goals. If they weren't goals in and of themselves, it would be hard to achieve the greater goal!

So enough about goals, what has been going on in the land of Heather!??? Work... serious, hard core, fantastic work. Although I am finding the constant travelling weary-ing and tiring, I am enjoying the job immensely and am finding it rewarding beyond my imagination. I keep looking to the end of this project and try to think of all of the skills I have learned but can never really, fully grasp the extent of my learning as I am in a constant and ever evolving state of student! It is great to have a group of people who give you the task then say "run with it". I have waited a long time for something like that and here it is!

Other than work, Derek and I have been busy playing. At the beginning of June Derek and I flew out to Vancouver to surprise his family, and mostly his brother in law for his 50th birthday. It was the first time meeting the family and I believe it went good... that's what Derek's mom tells me anyways! :o) It was a lot of fun getting to meet and chat with his family. We couldn't go to Vancouver without seeing SOME of the sights tho, and found ourselves on a suspension bridge one of the days we were there! It was a great time! The weekend after that, Derek flew to Comox to teach and I flew to London, Ontario to celebrate my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. I couldn't believe how many members of the family came... most of us live here in the west and I would say 75% of the family came. It was a great party and it was a great visit! Two weekends after that saw Derek and his team in the provincials where they got a bronze! Derek was a bit disappointed but for not flying together much at ALL during the season, I think they did really well... especially since a camera man decided to take Derek out on the 3rd jump!!! Poor guy is still a little stiff because of that one!

My little Schmuckie was in the hospital for a portion of June. She aspirated again, and this time it was really bad. She was here in the hospital for about 2 weeks, and although she is home, she is going to be coming back for surgery on the 21st of this month. My sweet angel has been having a rough year as this is the 6 or 7th time she has been in the hospital this year, the second time she had to be sent down to Alberta. Lets hope that this up coming surgery helps her with this....

The next month and a bit of summer have a LOT in store! Derek is teaching a course for 2 weekends in Edmonton Area so since I work here a lot, I am going to just stay and hang out with him here on the weekend. Then, at the end of July, Derek and his team compete again in the Western Conference Cup. I think they are going to rock this competition... they have the cob webs dusted off, they have their fall rate sorted, and they have their groove back... it is going to be great to watch! That same weekend I have a wedding of a friend from University so I am going to run out and go to that while Derek is jumping his face off! Once that weekend is done, I am off to the West Coast to hike the WCTrail with my brotha from the same motha! I think we both need a break and this will be a super bonding experience for us... It is going to be so amazing! Once the trail is finished, I am meeting Derek in Comox where his is training the Military. I am going to recoup (and recover) there and once he is done training we are either going to go sight seeing in Vancouver or Sea Kayaking on the West Coast and then visit his family in Vancouver. The week that I return I am in training for work - the training is in Edmonton. I think that I will not see my bed for 3 whole weeks by the time I get home. The last weekend in August we are either going to go to a skydiving event in BC or Eloy (I hope Eloy so I can play in the wind tunnel!!!) This, my friends brings us to September! SO... for any of you who are wondering why I don't call or why I don't write... I hope you understand that I have to sleep sometime!!! :o) I wouldn't have my life any other way than busy, active and fun!!!

So, blog readers and friends alike, I hope that you will understand why it has been so VERY long since my last post... and I hope that you understand why, should a 2 month span between blogs happen again. I sometimes read random people's blogs and think to myself, what do people think, who don't know me, when they read this... I love finding a window into some strangers life where they are open and honest. I hope that people see that with my blog, as it was my intention 2 years, 1 month and 2 and a half weeks ago, I am fully honest and do not hide like I had done for so long, so many years ago. Thank you my devoted fans, new fans, and family who have no choice but to read!!! Without you I am not sure that writing would be worth it! :o)