Monday, April 21, 2008

Inspiring things

This past weekend saw me and my friend freeze to death! The weather is not typical for April and the roads I think are the worst they've been all year! It was so nice to do things this weekend, but there is a huge part of me that wanted to curl up in front of the fireplace (sans fire as we have already blown out the pilot light for the year!) and write. This, by the way is my newest past time... we shall see how long it lasts! ha ha! This was not what happened however, what I did was much more exciting! Lets start with Sunday and then get to the REALLY good stuff!

Sunday was Curtis' (my little cousin) birthday... he is 7 if you can believe that! WOW! His party was fun filled in that there were a THOUSAND kids there, lots of food and some quality family time! It was great to see Sandra and the kids again, and it was so great to see Aunty J again... it looks like things are going really good for them. After the cake was eaten and the presents were opened it was time to get back out on the icy road. I was off to the hockey game, the good ol' hockey game! It was the 6th game in the series, do or die for the flames and they pulled off a 2-0 victory! Kipper had a shutout and the game was fast and good, not really physical which was ok as I sure that would have lead to some brawls! The reffing was disgusting in that I am not certain he understood that 2 teams could trip and hook... interesting. There was this sign up in the stands that said "I'm blind and deaf, I could be a ref"... it was quite funny. I often feel bad for the ref as they are treated with disrespect more times than not, but this time they totally deserved it, they were atrocious! It was a packed, fun filled day but tiring, who knew that a THOUSAND kids could tire you out like that and then a tense fast game of hockey could put you over the edge?

Saturday Derek and I spent some quality time with my computer getting it up and running again. Derek had to fix it as we were seeing the blue screen of death and then it went kaput! He bought a new hard drive for it and now it works quite nicely... I think it was a new hard drive... gosh, am I useless with those things! After we got Lappy the laptop (yes, that's its name, get used to it!) working we drove Derek to the airport as he had meetings in Ottawa this weekend. Once he was safely on his way, I went back home to prepare for the play some girls and I were going to called the Syringa Tree. This play was remarkable! It was done by one lady playing 22 characters. It was about Apartheid in South Africa in the 1960's and it was heart wrenching and so sad. This lady did the accents impeccably and distinguished her characters with change of posture or hand gesture and voice. There was no costume change, no props other than a swing and a barrel. Yet, through this all she was able to portray her story with clarity and such vividness that you could picture the faces of different characters and their actions. It was amazing and moving and makes one happy that they live in a country that is so free and just. This is something that we take for granted every day, us Canadians. We don't appreciate the fact that we can get on the bus or in our car and go to work with out fear that someone is going to blow you up by wearing C4 and running up to you. We don't worry about whether or not there will be food in the grocery store, we just know that it will be. As women, we don't appreciate that we can work and be educated and not be forced to have babies or have our 'girl parts' sawed off in the name of tradition. We have choices, we have freedom, and it is plays like this that show us we need to be thankful for this.

Patricia Sampson says "Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward." We must find ourselves in this day and age and be true to our self. We have to figure out what it is that makes us happy and content and free and strive to maintain this and that is what true freedom is. True freedom is being able to be happy with what you are doing if it fulfills you. If you find that thing or those things you've been longing for, if they fill that void you have had, then hold on because that is what freedom is. Being able to be you and being accepted and loved despite your mistakes and your ideas and your choices. Not being held back if people don't accept you for you or love you for who you are is also part of being free. I think we need to fill our lives with people that make us feel good and fill our lives with things that make us free and do it because it fulfills you not because it is what people have told you to do; I think that is what Patricia meant when she said what she did. That is what freedom in Canada is to me.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bahhhh!! What happened to April?

So, I guess I woke up today and realized that OH MY GOODNESS, APRIL is 1/2 gone!!!! Where, oh where does time go these days! Sheesh!

I guess with work being super busy, birthday parties for friends and a social calendar that is extraordinarily busy, time just doesn't slow down. There was one very special birthday that just passed... Derek is now 35! (closer to 40 I say! haha) His birthday was spent chatting with folks around the drop zone, a skydive from 7500 ft. and a BBQ put on by the owners of the DZ. Included in the festivities was a surprise cake made specifically for him, and man it looked like him to a T! Further more it was DELISH!!!

This past Tuesday saw me driving out to Stettler to visit a friend of mine... Librarian Deb who I have known now for 12 years!!! Time sure flies! After a drive through Red Deer and a wee bit of nostalgia, I found my way finally to the actual town of Stettler (which is way bigger that I thought it would be!). Deb and I spent the lunch hour chatting and reminiscing and the remainder of the afternoon I met with a writer from the writers guild of Alberta. I brought her my book - along with illustrations by Devon (yeah for Devon!). She had NOTHING but great things to say about it, and despite my extreme nervousness that she would say it was crap, she encouraged me to pursue it further. WOW! It was a GREAT confidence booster, and although all the stuff she said wasn't ALL sunshine, she tried to give me a thorough understanding that being a published author is not as easy as sending your story in and they send you a book... it takes YEARS! BUT, how exciting is it to have an author tell you that you should keep at it... WOW! She also looked at some of my poetry and said that it was quite good, so that is encouraging as well!

Another realization I suppose that time sure flies is that today would have marked my 4th wedding anniversary. I have no idea what happened to the past 4 years... I suppose 2 of them were spent in a funk, but the past 2 years have been jam packed with courses and travelling and a whole bunch of fun stuff! What do the next 2 years have in store? Hopefully publishing a book... perhaps some courses in writing... a trip to Australia and then a trip to Easter Island or Prague while running a marathon... the West Coast Trail... a trip to London, ON to visit family... belly dancing... buying a house(?).. and a whole lot of stuff I have no idea is coming yet! Time is a crazy thing that way... if you have stuff to do, stuff to spend it on, it sure flies by!! It is almost like a currency, you better spend it on things that make you happy! As Mark Twain says "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do." SO... as has been the theme since day one of my blog... Live life to the fullest, cease the day, live each moment, search for the adventure in life that awaits you!

I am just so excited to see what the next 4 years holds! :o)