Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome March

Ok, so March is almost done but it feels like it just started, and that Derek just got back from Arizona. How time flies when you get back from a holiday and have to catch up!

Nothing is too terribly interesting in our world. Derek is back in full on work mode, and his busy season has started a wee bit early this year. I can tell that May and June are going to be really busy for him... lets just hope that this summer is amazing! I am just trying to keep out of trouble and am training for a 1/2 marathon in July. I should be able to run it without dying, and should I succeed at that, a full marathon is on my list of things to do... I am thinking next year in some exotic location... you will most certainly be kept informed!

So... I was going to go to Vegas with some girls from Uni Easter weekend (it is a long weekend after all and what better place than Sin City to celebrate!) but being a big person comes with responsibilities, and I was unable to go. I know they had a great time, and I am sure I will see pictures and hear stories. Instead, Derek and I whisked away to Canmore for a romantic evening away at a cozy little British style hotel. It was fantastic and so relaxing to be able to take our time eating and talking about the future. There are a lot of things that we want to do... and I think we managed to squeak out some decisions!!!

This July, as I said I am planning to run a 1/2 marathon... then in August (should things go right) we are going to go to Vancouver to see Derek's family. We haven't seen his mom and sister (and her family) since we got together over 2 years ago, so I figure it is about time!!! Then maybe the West Coast trail... this is still undetermined as I am not sure about time off and some logistical parts of this... I hope it works out as I would LOVE to add this to my list of completed 'to do's' but time will only tell! We are planning to go to Australia in December, over the Christmas break... this seems to be the best time to take a trip like this as we both get more time off at this time of year without it affecting out actual vacation days... for example, I can take 5 days off and it ends up being 16 days with all the holidays and weekends! We plan on 3 1/2 weeks (ish) but this also needs to be further researched in the 'get time off' department! BUT... not the less, exciting and adventurous things to come from the Hamilton-Orr family! :o)

It is funny, at this time of year I get the itchy feet feeling of wanting to expand my horizons, travel my butt off, and explore this wonderful planet... but it is also the time where I want to clean my house, make things neat and orderly, and just be the happy person I am... I love spring... it is my favorite season. It is so full of promise, newness and life. The smell of a crisp day when the sun is out and melting the snow. The feel of the gentle spring air on my cheeks and nose, it just thrills me. I have taken to running outside, and I love that I have to wear a long sleeved shirt, and that it is a little chilly, makes me work harder, makes me just so joyful! I love spring...

Speaking of spring... I think Mario (our Bunny friend) has gone and gotten married and moved in with his wife because he is no longer calling our house his home! :o( I just hope he is hoping along and happy!!!

So, enough of my springtime ramblings... time to leave you with a quote... "Keep an eye out for the adventures in life that await you"... life is all about the living, and if you plan too much (yes, there is such a thing...) then sometimes you miss the fun stuff. I was telling Derek this just the other day. When we were in Peru, some of the neatest stories we have are ones that we didn't plan... like the Riot Squad police officer and the paragliding, those are moments you take with you through out your life... those are the moments that I cherish and love and hold so dear. Like when we were in Euro Disney (once we found it after being lost in rural France) and I sat in a pile of "Tiggers" or the Sunflower fields in Italy or the beer drinking in the pub in Oberammergau or the "who the **** is Alice" in Amsterdam (Dad)... those are the moments I laugh about and love when I think back on my travels! I am addicted to the road less traveled. Those of you who know me well, know that I am pretty straight laced (in fact my mom says that I put arrows to shame), and I am little on the 'it has to be organized' side... but there are times that I just break free from my addiction to planning and go where the wind takes me and I have such a great time... I hope that as I get older and travel more that I take more time to 'keep an eye out for the adventure' because that is what makes life this fun, crazy, wild ride.... :o)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Heather and the Hare

So... I got the oddest call this morning from Derek. He was calling because there was this rabbit that had been sitting there since he had gotten home the night before. He said that this rabbit didn't move when he went near it. I told him to wait and not do anything and see if it is still there when he gets back from work.

So, when I get home, Derek immediately asks if I saw the bunny. I go out and check to see if he is still there and in fact he is. He is sitting there, terrified and frozen. I walk around him, making sure that he isn't hurt and doesn't have any traps or something attached to him. I got pretty close too... maybe 20 feet, it was weird! I go back in the house and start making calls. I eventually get a hold of this conservation society and they say they are sending out a volunteer and he should be at our house shortly. In the mean time they instruct me to put holes in a box and put it on top of the bunny... so, I grab Derek (because the bunny is actually freaking me out and all I can think of is Monty Python's "killer bunny"... It's just a little bunny... AHHHHHH, runaway, runaway!) and we grab a box, put holes in it and go down to put the box on the little critter. I scootch up to it and almost have the box on top of him when he hops away a little. I figure that he will totally freak out if I put the box on him so I don't do it, and we go back into the house to await the arrival of the volunteer.

Dan, volunteer extraordinaire and biologist, arrives shortly after the box episode. He gets his gear ready, a big net (looks like he's going fishin!) and a box with a blanket in it. He gets me to follow him with the box and we together look like Elmer Fudd and gang "Hunting Wabbits!". A sight to see I am sure. So... we sneak up to bunny, tip toe really, and almost put the net down on him when he casually hops away.... so, we sneak up again, almost ready.... he hops away... this must be a bunny game, fun for them but frustrating for us! After 3 attempts at this, Dan decides that it is just not going to happen. The rabbit (or Hare as I was corrected many times) seems to be fine, and is not preggers (we could see his belly, no babies are in there for sure!). So, Dan says that Hares are creatures of habit (haha, rabbits are creatures of habits!!! sorry!) and that we should just let him be and he will be fine. There was probably a coyote that has been lurking around and coyotes don't typically go near buildings, clever bunny!

Now, we have a pet rabbit that remains outdoors, visits when he wants and we don't have to feed. I love this pet! His name is Mario! He is wonderful as I don't have to take care of him and he loves me... I think! I hope you liked my little random story... it was just too bizzaro not to share! Cheers!