Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Ho-Ho

I am writing to ensure that I get AT LEAST one posting before the Kafuffle that is Christmas. It is weird, but since the addition of Facebook, my blog has severely been impacted. If you want to know what I am up to, seriously invest some time in Facebook! :o) I do have some things to catch you all up on, however, and hopefully it will be interesting!

I want to say to my Dad, how incredibly proud I am of him, and that he is a role model for everyone in how he volunteered his time over the past 2 terms as a town councillor. I am sad to say that he is no longer representing his town, but he did for so many years so proudly and honestly. They are losing a great councillor who stood up for those beliefs even if many people disagreed with him. Truly a job well done. I am very proud of you!

This past while has been full of visiting, Christmas parties, and saying good bye. My friend Monique is leaving Calgary, after 2 years and an entire life change, she is off to do it again. I wish her nothing but the best, and I hope for her happiness, as I know that she will find it someday!

There was also my company Christmas party, which from what I can recall was quite the good time! There was wine, good spirits, great food, dancing, more wine, skating, and a couple feather boas! What more could you ask for. I took my friend Elissa with me as Derek had to work, but he worked my Christmas party, so I was able to chat with him throughout the night! It was a great time!

We also had a Christmas Lunch with the department, and it included a fantastic trip out to Bragg Creek, a beautiful lunch, plenty of wine, a horse and wagon ride complete with hot chocolate and Christmas carols, and then a fantastic desert made in honor of my birthday... it was fantastic!!!

Derek and I are off to the Great White North on Friday and I am anticipating it to be a great time. I want to take him to all my old haunts, to the falls, and if the weather is nice, perhaps we can go for a hike and some tobogganing! Tom, Leigh Anne and the girls are going to be at Mom and Dad's so it will be nice to see the whole family! Good times are on the horizon! :o)