Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A month away.....

WOW... first of all, I can hardly believe that a month has passed so quickly. But to be honest, we have been so busy that it is no wonder that we look up from our bent heads as we truck along and see a month has passed us.

It is a month and a day until I turn 27... and I always thought that age was like a name.... just a SMALL part of who you are. I know now after having changed my name twice in the past 5 years that there is so much in a name, and so my conclusion is that there is so much in age as well. I want to put a caveat in here saying that just because I am getting older doesn't mean I have to ACT any older. I will still be the same Heather who likes to catch fluffy snowflakes on her tongue, or who likes to dance in her car waiting for the light to turn green... I have a feeling I will ALWAYS be that way. That is simply who I am. What it means to me to turn 27 is that I have passed all those days of youthfull ignorance. I have gotten through those trying times of adolecence and early adulthood... I am firmly, supposedly well established at being an adult at 27... it is like there is no turning back. I remember when I was in University and young and starry eyed; some of my friends were 27 and I thought that they were so much older than me. Not ancient by ANY means.... but older, wiser perhaps.... learned... and now, I stand teetering on that edge of being more learned and wiser.... YIKES!

Perhaps it is the fact that I heard this past week that one of my past clients passed away and another was seriously injured. The lady that passed away was a comedian at the best and worst of times. She was a member of Best Buddies with me and we shared many laughs, as well as tears. Just thinking of her makes me smile, and I know that she will be missed by her peers. The gentleman that was injured was hit by a car as he crossed at a crosswalk. He is in the ICU in Lethbridge in a coma. He too is remembered by me for being so funny and clever. He is a writer, a poet, who doesn't believe in editing his work... took away from his purpose he says. It drives me crazy, but it is such a statement. His poetry is really quite indepth and thought provoking... and much like him, you had to look past the imperfections to see the beauty. He is such a gentle, gentle soul who has had a hard life, and has faced it with determination, dignity, honesty and pride. He is someone I am proud to know and would call a friend. He is in my thoughts and prayers right now, as the Dr.s say that he will most likely be in a chemically induced coma until his body heals more.

It is at times like these where you realize how fragile life is (to be oober corney) and how quickly your life could change. One moment you are walking, the next you are in a chemically induced coma. Makes you think and re-evaluate. Every moment is precious, and it is what you do with them that makes it worthwile. If at the end of your day, you are happily tired and felt that it was a solid, productive day where you learned and taught, and laughed and were happy then you have lived that day. When you have shared a part of who you are, even just a sliver, with someone, and when you have told the people that matter the most to you that you love them and cherish them, then you have lived that day. This is my goal everyday... some days are better than others - but that is a fact of life. I know that the ones that I love KNOW they are loved, but it never hurts to tell them one more time......... This past week has reitterated why I do this, why I NEED to do this to be the person I am... because there are times when you just can't say how that person impacted your life because that person is gone.

To Ms. Karmin.... you were so funny and clever, you made my job easier on most days, challanging and rewarding on other days. You were a great role model for the others, truley inspiring to your peers. Please know that your smile will forever be etched in my memory, especially when I think of the "Best Buddies" song... Thank you for bringing joy to my life in your own small, special way. You will be missed...

To Marinus... I can't tell you how many times I have read your book and shed tears. Tears for what you went through, tears for how brilliantly you expressed yourself, tears for how moving your story is. I am so fortunate to have been in your life, if only for the short time I was. Your gentle approach to "the establishment" and to society were soemthing I admire, I wish I could be that honest with who I am. You are an amazing person, and I know that you are a fighter... you will make it through in true Marinus style... and when you get to the end of your struggle, you will smile your sly smile and say "That was it???!" - I can't wait for that day!!! :o)