Monday, October 22, 2007

The planting of Trees

I have been gently reminded that my blog is "out of date". This is the first time in my blogging life that I have let a whole month (and 2 days) lapse without filling you in with the inner most workings of me. I know what it is like to return to a friends' blog, wanting to read their writings only to be disappointed... for this I apologize. I can not promise that it will never happen again, but I can assure you that I will try my best to keep more up to date. I know what it is like to visit a friends blog, on a positive note, to find that they have created a new post and it is such a nice surprise

I have procrastinated writing for many reasons. One, I felt that I have had nothing to say and Two, because although we have had nothing "substantial", Derek and I have been quite busy. So, once again... sorry!

What has changed in the land of us.... not much. We haven't sold our house yet... there seems to be a lull in the market at this particular time, and it appears that we might just have to be all cozy and snuggly in our 900 sq ft. condo for the time being. I am sure we will feel like we have more room once our 22 year old roomate moves out. We have had a 'guest' for the past 2 months. A friend of Derek's daughter was going to University here, and she needed a place to stay until she found a house. She found a lovely place, we moved her in, only to have her turn around, quit her courses (save her EMT course) and move back in here until her EMT course is done. Not sure what happened... not sure how we got the guest, but we have survived and she is going home bright and early on Friday morn. It is nice to have company... but it is nice to have your house back!

I sit here and think of the hardships I have endured and I have to chuckle... sitting in my cozy, fully furnished condo, with running water and food in the fridge... I am so spoiled. I haven't over come anything it seems. Trivial trials and tribulations really when you watch the news and see the wars and injustice. Not even through out the world, but in our own back yards... literally. How many accidents are there a day in this city? How many people are homeless and don't have enough to eat? it is days like this that make me thankful for the life I lead, and what more could you want out of a day?

I have a new quote. This one is dedicated to Const. Worden who on Oct 9 was murdered in my home town. “A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit” - Unknown. I think of the actual planting of trees (perhaps in a political world) when I first think of this. I then think of the reason which I stumbled onto this quote. It was on a letter of thanks I received from a lady at work for organizing the Run for the Cure Team. I believe that this quote is so true. I believe in community... and in the past weeks, my home community of Hay River has shown what that word means. Const. Worden was shot trying to assit people whom he didn't know. He was trying to make someones life a little easier by just being there. By him giving his life in service, he has helped so many people... planted so many trees. Now, he is unable to sit under them, but we as a community can bask in their shade, relish in the safety we take so much for granted because of him. I did not know him, but that doesn't mean that I am any less sorry for his death. I mourn for his wife who will never hug her husband again, and I mourn for the baby girl who will never have her daddy tuck her in a night, or teach her to drive, or scare off her suitors, or walk her down the aisle. I am joyful however, for the banding together of a community, for the capture of the villain and the righteousness of justice. I am joyful for the trust funds set up for Const. Worden's wife and daughter so that they can grieve and then learn to live again. This is what a community does. They gather, they support, they mourn, they help in any way they can, they heal. I have seen it too often in my small town, and although this tragedy is one for the books, sadly, it follows the same pattern whether that person was 'small' or 'big'. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jody Worden and her daughter Alexis. I honestly believe that time heals all things, and although this could take a lifetime to heal, know that he did not die in vain as I feel he is protecting us still! Rest in Peace Const. Worden, for your work on Earth is done!