Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quiet contemplation

I am sitting here, admittedly at work, looking out at the beckoning mountains wondering what it would be like to be dangling off one of them. (I want to learn how to mountain climb) There is a saying "in the quiet of my discontent"... that is me... I think I am not content with my job, and although I should want to stay forever, with it being full of perks and good money and the like... I have just gotten the itch... not sure how to scratch it. I know that it comes this time of year, most specifically when students get back to the books and change their worlds to welcome yet another year of droning professors and last minute papers.... I know that I want to be there. I miss school immensely, and have found myself quite regularly as of late, looking at part-time study options. In anything really... Masters in Soc. or Masters in Buis. Admin., cooking school, mediators school... not sure I am ready to commit yet though! Anyways, I am certain that this will dissipate... and come Jan. if the itch hasn't gone, I am going to start mediation school... that is my plan for now... come Jan. it might have changed! :o)

BIG NEWS!!! Derek and I have decided to buy a house. I am so unbelievably excited... I can hardly focus on anything other than that... seriously, I have found it consuming WAY too much of my time. What a step... something that I have never done before is buy a major purchase with someone else. Honestly, I am not even scared... I know that I should be... but we have seriously talked this to death and I know that it is going to be great! I figure if I can last through a skydiving season living with him, and he can handle a family reunion, we are golden! :o) The house hunting is not in total full swing, but I anticipate it to happen this coming weekend. We are giving a list to our Realtor tonight of houses we want to see and going from there. I can hardly wait! Busy, busy!

Mom and Dad are safely back from the Emerald Isle, welcome back to Canada... Their picts are fantastic and incredible. Makes me want to go even more. There is something magical in the land of the leprechauns... but there are a lot of politics still floating around too. Perhaps that is what makes it exciting and adventurous in some way!!?? Derek and I are going to meet them for supper tomorrow night as they plow through Calgary on their way to pick up Lily in Edmonton. My poor little Row-row is going in for surgery on Friday for her ears and mouth and possibly her adenoids and tonsils out. My poor little boo! Thoughts and prayers for her please, as the surgery for adenoid is quite dangerous!

Anyhoo... that is what is the haps in the land of Heather and Derek... seems that one comes with the other as of late, and admitted, I like it that way! Like spending time with my free flying man!!! ;o) We keep eachother in line!!! Probly a good thing to be partners in crime if we are going to be partners in life too!!! :o) Ciao folks, keep you updated on the house scenario! :o)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Some amazing stuff has happened!

So, since I last wrote, 1/2 a month ago... we have gone to Vancouver, I have packed my patootie off and I participated in a parade.
First things first, Vancouver is fantastic! I love it there!!! We went and did a bunch of touristy things like go to Stanley Park and to the Vancouver aquarium... which was amazing, Sea Otters are my new fav., they are SOOOOO Cute! We got one of those drawings of us on the street... by a street vendor! It turned out really good! We went to Gas Town and watched the steam clock blow... very cool! We went to the old CP Rail train station which is now used for Vancouver transit... AMAZING architecture in Vancouver... simply wonderful! We drove over the lions gate, and went and saw the area where Derek's Sister and her family live, as well as his mom. They weren't home so we couldn't visit... perhaps next time we are in Van.

Once we filled a day and a half with touristy stuff (Derek was not used to being tourist in a place he has spent tons of time in... he was a great tour guide!!! Thanks Babe!!) we went to the Drop Zone as there was an event there and a twin otter (which is a big plane, and a treat for all jumpers!!). The weather was hot and sunny for 1/2 the day and so Derek got some jumps on his shiny new Velocity canopy! It looks brilliant in the sky as the colors match his jump suit (his jump suit is white with red accents, and his parachute/canopy is red with strips of white). Once we decided that we didn't want to wait for the weather to improve, we decided to head to Kamloops the next day and visit our friend Don.

So the next day we checked out of the hotel, checked out of the drop zone, and headed to Kamloops... it was a rainy drive, but it was so pretty... the mountains are so lovely! We got there in time for Don and his wife Sandy to fuss over us making dinner, and we had drinks, I showed them the picts of Peru... climbed on their climbing wall, and then we retired to the visitors quarters where we had a bath in a fancy schmasy tub drawn for us. It was magnificent! The next morning, I tried to have a swim in their pool, but the water was way too cold, so I settled for a steam in their steam room which doubles as the visitor's shower! They have an amazing house!!! Once we had said our good byes, we were off to the airport and then home. It was a great, relaxing, luxurious mini-break and I am so glad we went! Thanks for the good time babe!

Since we have gotten back, Derek has taught a course, and dealt with the likes of Sinbad the comedian and Lionel Richie... he is tired this week! :o) I have been going to guitar, hanging out, I organized Cat's room, and packed parachutes one day while Derek was teaching his course. It has been a busy couple of weeks! We also have been carting our "roomie" around town trying to find her a reasonable place to live. Our "roomie" is one of Derek's buddies daughter. She is going to Uni here and needed a place to stay while she finds a place. She is a low key roomie, as she spends a lot of time at her boyfriends. Needless to say, Derek and I have been driving her to see some pretty seedy places! Good times!!!

On Tuesday (11th of September) I was a part of something spectacular. I am on a committee that organizes an event that occurs every year the second Tuesday of September. It is called the Survivors Parade. What this is, is a parade of women and MEN who have survived Breast Cancer. It is a remarkable event and lots of time and energy go into it. It was a very emotional day, in that I heard some stories of some amazing people, and how they have changed the way they live their life. They refuse to let someone tell them that they only have a certain amount of time to live, or that they are going to die. They live everyday as best and as bravely as they can, and see where it takes them. The guest speaker for the survivors told the crowd that she isn't cancer free. She is going to die as the cancer is in her bones. She said that she lives each day to the fullest she can, and doesn't say no to opportunities. She doesn't let the little things pass her by. She was inspiring... all of the ladies I met are inspiring. One of the members of the committee who was a survivor, just got diagnosed with cancer again. She is still out there tho, trying to make it happen, absorbing the energy that all of these surviving men and women exude. It was a fantastic event... I am looking forward to the run this year, as I am sure it too will be an inspiring day!

This, folks, is what has been the haps in my hood!!! This weekend we are going to the David Gilmour concert at the theatre... should be good... and we are going to be hanging with our buddy Lissa... perhaps hitting a flick or grabbing some food... maybe a trip to the DZ is in the cards too!!! Who knows! :o) Maybe, if we want we could go for a hike-eroo in the ol' mountain scape's!!! They are looking quite pretty these days with their snowy caps smiling at me through my 16th floor office window! Maybe we will be looking at houses this weekend... if Derek plans it right!!! :o) Time will tell, and I am in no rush! Life is just too darn short, and goes too darn fast to worry... too bad I don't heed this advice more often!!! :o)