Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just call me madam Babbles-a-lot!!!

OK, first and for most... Hi! Second... I have discovered that MOST people who blog on a regular basis use pictures (and lots of) to portray the goings on in their lives. No such luck with me my friends! I am and have always been a babbler... You got it, baby... now, hold on tight, because this could get long!

So, my count down to Peru has subsided partially because of the "HOLY CRAP, I still have a list of things to do" feeling as well as the pending activities for this weekend and partially because all of my friends are so sick of hearing about it. I will make sure I post some photos when I tell you how things went this weekend... but before I talk about what is to come, the ghost of Days Past must spill the beans on what has been the haps!! ha!

OK, last week was nothing spectacular... other than White Water rafting on the Kicking Horse River. Talk about the most fun you can have on the ground! Our guide Ted made sure that we were informed about the local vegetation and the scenery... quite knowledgeable he was, should be considering he was a)the owner of the company that took us rafting and b)had been rafting down the river for 24 years! (almost as long as I have been alive!!! Puts perspective on that it does!). If any of the guides tell you that the water is going to be "refreshing" they are liers... it is bloody cold... almost hypothermia cold! But that didn't stop me from floating in the water... not much does, I miss the Hay... being able to jump in at a moments notice! Anyways, it was a spectacular time and it was all provided by my place of work! Gotta love Team building exercises! ha! Then it was off to home, to quickly change and jet off with Derek to the Heritage park party they put on for us. I was exhausted, but managed to go on the Ferris wheel (made me nervous, wonder why!) and the swings... had cotton candy (ewww!) and ice cream and popcorn! (Don't worry babe, we will work all of those extra calories off in no time on the trail in Peru!) It was a fantastic meal and an open bar... what company has an open bar at events? Mine apparently! Had I been a few years younger (or perhaps not as exhausted!) I would have taken full advantage of the 'open bar' situation!

Saturday saw us out at the Drop zone with cooper! I think he likes my driving!!!Before that, it was almost AGONY listening to Derek and Cooper trying to figure out if they were going or not....... I tell you, they are like 2 women in a shoe store!!!! We were there long enough for Derek to get a jump in before the weather turned iffy and we went to The Beef Steak (the only restaurant in the village). Once we ate (and had a 'I'm going to solve the worlds problems' conversation) we made it back to Calgary long enough to change and head out to the Roger Waters concert! It was super! There were lasers, lights, pyro and a big inflatable remote controlled pig with "Impeach Bush" on the butt (and a couple more sayings that were of equal political nature!). The only thing I can say tho is, do people stop moving around and switching seats at ALL anymore? AND, what is with the dude watching TV in front of us, perhaps he missed the memo of "Your at a freaking concert dude!!" memo... OR, what was with the dude beside us that got so stoned that he fell asleep... one for the memory there buddy! ha! It was fantastic, is all I have to say... and if I wasn't a Pink Floyd fan before, I do believe I would consider myself one now!

Sunday saw us going to Dids (with Cooper and Elisa and Shannon and Andrew). It was raining when we got there, boooooo! So we went into town to the Disdury Inn for some breaky! mmmm... I had the worlds smallest pancakes, serves me right for ordering the kids size! Sigh! By the time we got back it was go time, and oh, so pretty out! Derek and his buddies got a couple jumps in... including Shannon, the injured "team mate". She always lands so softly... I think it is the opening of the parachute that bugs her! I aspire to land like her... not big on the 40 km/hr skimming the ground like those boys do! :o) I do like the sound of the chute tho, nothing like that sound! (Just like nothing beats the smell of the ice in a rink!!! sigh!!!) By the time Derek and friends got a couple jumps out, and I had ripped the pilot a new hole about religion... long story!... we were off to Boston Pizza in Airdrie. Good times! There were 10 of us or so and a few of the members are base jumpers (they jump off cliffs and buildings and bridges and other such crazy things!!!) Anyway, these crazies were talking about going up to Baffin island to do some crazy jumps off the cliffs there. I guess they are just amazing, nothing like them in the world. BUT, you have to go before the ice pack melts or you are pooched! I would like to see some Baffin footage... just putting that out there guys!!!

So that was the weekend... this week has seen me getting another Holtor Monitor... my little robot-o friend! Gotta love it - not!!! Wednesday saw me almost go FREAKY on my pottery teacher... I think that is the last I am going to go there!!! CRAZY LADY... talks to me like I am 2 and that is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! UGH!!! To top things off, I didn't have my usual de-tox session with Derek as Derek left me for his other love... the twin otter!!! This coming weekend is Provincials and Derek took off last night as the Otter is at the DZ now, as we speak and he probably got 3-5 jumps in today!!! Congrats Don for your 3000th jump... I am still working on #5 which totally puts it into perspective! :o) So the guys are training with their new point man (Go KK...) and I am sure they are having a blast. Nancy (Eddie's wife) and I are driving up after my MRI tomorrow... yeah, just threw the MRI thing in there... don't want to talk about it until it is over... scary and ominous it is. Anyways, looking forward to lounging in the sun, reading, meeting new folks, and having a beer or two with the folks I do know... oh, and perhaps a jump or two! We will see what the mood dictates! :o)

So my life right now is all about getting as much done tomorrow at work as I can so I can bail early to get the stupid test done and then up to Edmonton for a weekend of watching Derek's dreams come into fruition... YEAH Vertical Express!!!!!! If they fly well, we could be headed to Nationals!!! Who knows!!!

Anyways, perhaps I should do some eating and such (haven't since I got home!!! The T.V. is still in the off position too... usually the first thing I do, I love the white noise!). I do want to shout out to Conan Deb... it has been too long my friend since the days where I would sit in your office and try to figure stuff out... trust me, this past year, I you would have been sick of me... you will never know what your friendship has and does mean to me. You are the bestest!!! And a library and knitting goddess too! :o)

Peace all... I am outtie! Gotta pack for the weekend, chow down and hit the hay... gotta rest for the chaos that is going to ensue!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

To catch you up

I have been getting some slack from annonymous people (whom I live with ;o)) that I have been not providing enough entertainment via my Blog... sigh, the demands I endure! haha!

So, the begining of the month saw Derek and I attending two birthday parties in one weekend (happy Birthday Monique and Princess Nadina). Nadina had a surprise party and she was genuinley surprised... it was great! Her and I were the princesses... and she informed me that my initials are the initials of Royalty... HMH - Her Majesty Heather!!!! I like the sounds of that! ha! Sunday Derek worked so I just puttered around the house and had a relaxing day. The week sported the usual events, guitar and pottery... Derek out to the DZ on Wednesday... a trip to the grocery store thrown in there for good measure!

The next weekend (or the second weeekend in June) Derek had to work on Saturday... so I slept in, had a coffee and was reflecting on what to do... then I get a call and Derek is coming home, yeah!!! He got off 10 hours early, can't beat that for a Saturday. We went to Spiderman 3 and then out for drinks with friends. We had a great day (and although Spidey 3 was a tad cheesy and FULL of propeganda, it was good!) Sunday the weather was iffy and we got off to a late start due to the late night out with friends, so we decided to take to the hills!! We met up with a couple friends of ours and took a ride on the zip-line at COP. It was a fantastic time filled with smiles, icecream, giant sour soothers and butterflies, as well as snickers when the instructors called the little piolet chutes - parachutes... all 4 of us had jumped out of a plane a time or two (and one of us, off random objects) and knew the difference, but most didn't! I kinda like knowing the secret that people are talking out of their arses! Makes me giggle! After the fun times at the Zip line, we went to Pirates of the Carribean and endured a couple that talked through the ENTIRE movie... I was so mad, that I told them... and they were of course appologetic. I should have asked THEM for my money back!

The week was full of things to do, same ol, same ol! Laundry, cleaning, dentist appointments, guitar lessons, trips on Wed. to the DZ, a trip to MEC for stuff for our trip (I was in the 'it is less than a month to go and I am freaking out' section... it is easy to find I assure you, people roaming with lost looks on their faces shows it every time!!!)... our weeks are busy! But this past weekend, we relaxed! On Friday we were invited to a friends house for supper and it was superb! We were enjoying ourselves so much that we were a touch late picking up Grandma at the airport. We made it however, and had a nice quick visit with her. Derek met more of my family, and has yet to run... he MUST like me! :o)

It was rainy and grumpy and gross, so Saturday we got up early for our free movie courtesy of my place of work. We watched Oceans 13 - which was, out of the list of movies we have seen recently, was the best one. Then it was off to make sure that Aunty J had everything sorted out with the storage unit... we are good to go, and now Derek and I are trying to figure out how we can get all of my stuff in our house... could be squishy!! I don't think either of us realized how much stuff I still had in the storage unit! :o) Saturday night was drinks with friends... we are certainly social butterflies!!! Sunday was our lazy day where we did little other than have a nap, and watch movies and listen to the rain. It was nice to just not do a thing for one day, refreshing! I did call Dad as it was Father's day... couldn't miss that! :o)

Until the next installment... stay tuned for the countdown to Peru!!! Honestly... only 23 more days!!!!!!!! Yikes!