Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So... we had a party!

Well, this past weekend was a party... not sure why folks RSVP when they don't intend on coming... oh well c'est la vie!!! All in all it was a gong show, as anticipated... there was a poem that Cat wrote and Amy played guitar to and Sandra acted out... too funny for words I assure you! It was a riot! Then there was a CUPS challenge... I think Erica and I tied, no telling who's mom got the "tear in her eye" with pride, we were both horrid!!! ha! Doesn't help that we didn't have the 80 dollar cups!!!

Other than that... Derek and I hoofed her to the DZ on Sunday (I was a little less perky than he - mind you, he should have been the wasted one, he was the only male at the party... you did well babe!) He got to play in the sky while I played with my shiny camera on the ground. We then proceeded to the thriving metropolis of Beisker for some chow... one and a half hours later and we got our food... I blame it on the pie Denis ordered, that TOTALLY slowed us down! Our waitress was the worst in the world... I think we saw her twice at our table, and one of them was to give me more coffee (at 8:30 at night, do you think that was wise???). We ordered from one, got our food from another, and then paid to our original server... WTF... didn't know Beisker was that big! ha!

This week has been busy with work - lots to do, seems like everyone is coming after us! Also, I had guitar, which is going good... perhaps one day I will play in front of someone other than Derek or my teacher. Finally, I had pottery tonight. I am racking up the Christmas gifts... I should be done by September, and then I can afford to travel to Montreal for Derek's meeting (OK... it isn't set yet as to where it is, but I am pushing for Montreal because I have never been there and he is the Chair and gets to decide... so... Derek, my love.... what do you say???? wink, wink!!!)

That brings us to today. I had a rocking pottery sesh tonight, and it was the other teacher, so the nazi wasn't there... good thing, because I wrecked 3 of my pieces experimenting, and that is FORBIDDEN with the nazi!!! Everything has to be HER way... I am not paying her to make HER style of pottery, I am paying to make MY creations... and they may differ from hers (significantly) but she is learning that I have a HANDS OFF policy... or at least she will! :o)

This weekend we have Moniques BBQ and Martini fest on Friday... then a surprise party on Saturday... and Sunday (early) Derek gets to go and play with Politicians (sigh) and I get to sleep in (yeah!!!). I would trade him if I could....

OH, last week was busy... Killers concert (which was SOOO Awesome, thanks for coming D) and on Friday I got to play on stage with Paul Brandt. Ok... that may be an exaggeration, I got to fix the draped cloth behind Paul Brandt's stage, BUT I was on the stage at the same time as he and that was great!!! Thanks Derek for making it possible... let me know when the next big band hits your world and I will fix anything I have to, to get on stage and get a free meal. I am too easy to please sometimes.

I was looking at my calendar today and the next month and a half are booked with Dentist and Doctors appts and Stampede parties, boogies (hehehe), skydiving, and just summer type stuff. After August long weekend though, things look a little more tame, hummmm, what kind of trouble can we get into???? hehehe!

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Heather's busy life" - Until next time... stay warm, keep livin' and long live Yoda!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy first Blogiversary

Hello fellow humans, and happy first blogiversary to me! It is hard to believe that one year ago tomorrow, I sat at Aunty J's computer with a contemplative heart and anxious fingers, ready to start my story, ready to share my world with unknowing souls. I had not anticipate blogging to be a steady in my life like it has become. It is very therapeutic, but only because I have given myself permission to say things on here that I am not sure I would have otherwise. I like looking back at the good days and bad and remember how I felt. It is odd, and really kind of cool to be able to slip back to where I was and how I felt, and remember the process of blogging that day. So, thanks for being a part of this process all, I love hearing how you have read the latest posting, and I have often been challenged with what I wrote. Perhaps it is my subconscious trying to bring up the topic... at least that is what Freud would say.

So, this weekend has been really nice and quiet. Derek is in Edmonton teaching a non-jumping course for coaches... he grumbled about it as it is often a weekend he gets off work, and three whole days off is a weekend of jumping in the making! Alas, the weather has been rainy, windy and genuinely crappy here, so I hope he feels better! I spent Friday night watching chick flicks, and subsequently crying... I am such a girl sometimes... ha! Saturday I spent most of the day with Cat and her offspring and Amy and her offspring and some other guy who refused to leave... We went to "Build a bear" for Sarah's birthday and had a great time (I think they produce children in the back and then put them out at random intervals during the day, and instruct them to go and hover around the lady that looks uncomfortable. I SWEAR they swarmed around me!) We had lunch, and I got peed on by Rooney... moments like this make it IN STONE that I won't reproduce! YUCK! Then after we ditched the kids... Cat and I went and took a load to the dump, went shopping for stuff for my party next week, went for supper and then a movie. DO NOT see Georgia Rule... it totally sucked. It is about a girl who gets sexually abused by her step Father, and who has an alcoholic mother... I wanted to throw up after it, it was SO bad... Today, Sunday, I am takin' 'er cheezy, relaxing, cleaning the house, taking in the recycling, just relaxing! Should be a nice day... the weather is crap so no grabbing Ed and heading to the DZ. Can't believe I have one more day off... nice!

This coming week is busy, busy! Tuesday I don't think we have anything... but Wednesday is pottery, Thursday is the KILLERS concert (oober excited), Friday is getting ready for the party... and Saturday is party time! Lots to do before then... have lots of people coming, for all aspects of my life... work, family, friends from here, friends from Lethbridge (that live here now), my BOSS, my boyfriend... it is very exciting!

So, all... thanks for tuning in for the past year. I hope that this coming year will be full of fun and adventure. I am thinking so as Manchu Picchu can't be all the dull! I am getting ready for the adventure of my life... and I anticipate it only to get better. Derek and I are already looking for our next trip! (OK, it is mostly me going, "Oh, this looks fun... let's go here!"). Until next time friends, take care, have fun and fly safe! :o) OH, and Congrats Deb on the engagement... who would have known you would have tied the knot one day! :o) Congrats! See you soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow, ok... lots to tell ya!

First of all, props to my friend Wallington. I just finished reading his blog (and although it hardly had my pinache and flare, it made me laugh until I was litterally crying!). It is so interesting to sit and read other's blogs and find out their "inner most thoughts"... Kevin said "I figure that in these blogs I will pass on the great stories that remind me of why I am alive, why I am so thankful for every passing moment and the people that are in my world. It will be glorious, it will be painful, it will be in victory and defeat...but at the end of it all, life will present itself as the every changing adventure that I prefer it to be." I have looked back on my "Blogging life" and realised that I have stayed steady and true to my objective and goal, to try to give a clear, accurate, honest depiction of what my life is... and I feel that I have done it. I have not hid anything, and that sometimes has had reprocussions... but I have taken them and moved on. I have shared my pain, my sorrow, my joys and successes. On Monday it will be one year... my one year Bloggiversary as I am calling it. Kevin said it... "... at the end of it all, life will present itself as the every changing adventure that I prefer it to be." Well said my political friend. You and I often thought the same... too bad we could never agree.

SO, news... I have officially left Nobleford, hopefully never to retun. I went and picked up my table and yoga mat on Saturday. It went smoothly and although I got asked for the "engagement ring" back, I chuckled, said NOPE and walked away. Cat and I got the table in her van in record time, 8 minutes! We then made it back in time to put it all in the storage unit and say Happy Birthday to all of the members of our family that celebrate on May 12th... namely, her daughter Sarah, My dad and my Lily! The Friday before we went to Nobleford, Cat and I had to stop at Toolaholic Al's place to pick up Derek's new parachute... Girlfriend of the year award here I come!!! Then it was off to smelly Picture Butte to visit Lyle and Leah. I must admit, I left there at a bit of a loss. The conversation was consumed with what was going on in the ex's life... he has sold 4 tractors, had tenants that thrashed his acrage, and he is getting married in July. Hope the papers are done by then! :o) They disapointed me by not asking about my life at all, dispite me catching up on all of their goings on. Made me realize that life does infact go on... and I SO have!

Then Sunday saw Derek and I hanging out doing couply things (as Debbie says) - we made a trip to Ikea and went a purchased "Barney" my new Rebel - get it? Barney - Rebel???? I am too punny for words! The week had passed quickly - guitar lessons, things to build and then decide they are too big and un-build to take back... taking back things to Ikea, only to buy new things to build... setting up a parachute in a 900 sqft condo (interesting times!) and a trip to the DZ mixed in there for pleasure (more so for Derek as I was lacking an instructor... constable... where were you?). Derek got to fly his new Katana, and he was all smiles!

OH, and in between all of this activity we booked Peru... Whooohoooo! We leave on July 13th and return July 26th. No word yet as to whether we are going to be going to TO for Nationals... will keep you posted on that. I am oober excited and a little nervous. I have never been on a trip to a foreign land and stayed in a tent... going to be a wild ride, and I just can't wait... me and Barney are ready and good to go!

"All my life I've been over the top, I don't know what I'm doing all I know is I don't want to stop." - Ozzy. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can be a little on the dramatic side, a lot like the Oz... for example, next weekend is the party of the year! We are booked, people are coming, the cake is ordered, we are ready to party! Although it won't be totally "Legal" it is official. I have left all of my former life as a Noblefordian where it should and will remain, in the past. Time to go forward, time to keep on living life. I don't ever want to stop being who it is I am... I think I am pretty OK most days, and I am estatic about that! "All I know is I don't want to stop!" - Having way to much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers all, have a super long weekend... drive safe, drink responsibly and live it up...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm a Rebel again!!!

Oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing in the world... Introducing my latest addition... My new canon Rebel XTi... and is it a thing of beauty!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wild, wonderful weekend

WOW... if I were an emotion this past weekend I would have to have been messed up. Things were great, fun, horrible, grumpy, and fantastic all at the same time. Friday was spent relaxing for the first time it seemed that week. Saturday, our time was spent looking up at the sky, dreaming of more people to be at the DZ (despite the large amount of folks, they were not instructors). So... Derek and I hung out and visited with folks we haven't seen since last season. The night brought the Cinco de Mayo party out at Dids. We couldn't jump out there because the plane was kaputzki... at least for now. Well... as it often happens, I decide to mix things up, get the party started... and now I am known as a Chick with wood. The story... A new found friend and I decided to chuck as many of Hutchs defunct pieces of furniture into the fire as we could. We started the fire and kept on trucking until the Anarchy chair and picnic table were on fire. It was a fun night full of laughter, burning of random crap and new friends. I am sure life will never be the same now that I have met Alissa. We are, after all, Chicks with Wood!

Sunday saw me finally climb into the dreaded Cessna. Now the Cessna isn't dreaded because it isn't safe, it is dreaded because it houses 6 people as opposed to the 22 people the otter houses... it takes 20 mins for the Cessna to get to 9,500 ft as opposed to the 12 mins it takes the Otter to get to 13,00 ft... and you have to climb out onto the wing of the Cessna instead of falling out of the door of the Otter. Having said that, I got in there, ready to rock the kazbah with regards to getting more advanced and getting more "notches" in the proverbial skydiving belt (or more logs in the book...). (If you look at the picture you will see Derek on one side (hanging on) Ed on the other side (hanging on) me in the middle and a parachute above my head... this was my first jump of the day) The first skydive didn't go as good as I had hoped, the windy situation that was the wing threw me off guard, but I gained my composure and did the best I could. I had a really nice canopy ride, but instead of landing on my feet... I landed on my patootie. The second dive, I rocked the exit... showed the wing who was boss, but then fouled up the body position and things didn't go so well. I ended up having a deployment at about 8000ft (which is high) and so I had a 15 min. canopy ride. it was a little on the boring side, but I could relax and watch Derek and Ed land their canopies, the cars go by, the cows graze, Beisiker and Calgary. It was really weird hanging out just flying around for so long, but I managed to get back to ground and had a beautiful soft landing on my feet. That was my shining moment for the weekend, that and getting the exit on my second try. There is always something to improve on, so next time, I will have a focus and a goal. I know that I am too hard on myself and was grumpy because I felt I did so poorly. I have since gotten over it, and know that I can not be good at everything the first couple times... only makes me want to do it again to get it right... fear not family, I have gotten the pulling the parachute part... I just need to keep my head up and not look at the ground and I should be OK. If I had a dollar every time a coach told me to keep my head up, I would be rich!!!

So this coming weekend is for me to go and gather the remaining belongings at Nobleford. Then I will be done, through with the whole lot of them and hopefully we can forget about the past, not worry about it anymore, and continue with life. After all Christopher Morley said "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way." I have learned this more this past year than I ever have, and hopefully will ever have to again. I am doing things for me, and if they make others unhappy (like I am certain skydiving does my mom and dad) then I tell them that I love them, that I enjoy doing it, and that I am going to do it anyway, I am sorry, but I like it. Just like moving on with my life... I am going to do what makes me happy, and this past year, I have never felt as much success because of that. I believe that is what Christopher Morley was talking about... if your going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. That is precisely what I am doing, and loving every moment of it... OK, maybe not every moment, but they all can't be good!!! If they were all good Derek and Ed would not be my newest cowboys! :o)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Up, Up and AWAYYYYY!!!

This is "dorky Heather" at the Zoo last week for our offsite. It was a motivational day where we got a lot done, and we got reved up about out jobs. Not hard to do I suppose with a WACKO like me on the loose... and at a zoo none the less. I do have to make mention of the killer Peacocks. They were guarding the doors while we were meeting, so no one could go out or come in... what can I say, it is spring and they were in full force! :o)

The weather is grumpy today, it is looking like rain, but even that can't get me down today. I am not sure why, but I am on this happy kick this week... last week I was a grump (Sorry roomie for being Bear-like!) but this week I am flying high! Perhaps it is the fact that spring is in the air and the winter boots can be safely stowed... perhaps it is the fact that my Divorce Party (or Dump the chump party as Roger likes to call it) is in go-mode (May 26th at Aunty J's house for all who want to go!), or perhaps it is because no matter what happens, I have a group of people who love me despite the chemical imbalance in my noggin! (hehehe!)

This past weekend was really nice, I spent Saturday being all domesticated and cleaned the house, brought the recycling in and got groceries, and then I made cookies... It was a productive and quiet day. I enjoyed spending my time having a coffee in the morning, relaxing, and then walking like 4 blocks with my backpack... was great practice for Peru!

Speaking of Peru... things are getting close to final. We have 3 trips that fit into our schedule, so we just have to narrow it down and pick one. We have to figure out if Derek and his team are going to nationals, and if they are then we are going to be in TO for a week... that would be fun... if not, then I will be able to make the Family reunion in Vilna, which includes Tom and Leigh Anne and the girlies and Mom and Dad. We haven't all gone to a family reunion since before Rowan was born... infact, Rowan was there, just in-utero! Either way, I get to see family, and get to share our trip and pictures and stories! :o) I am so excited. It is like 2 1/2 months away! Yikes, we should get our act together! It is just so hard with Derek's schedule!

On Sunday, Derek and I took a leisurely walk down 17th and he had to endure stories about my "youth" in Calgary (for the one year... almost 10 years ago! WOW!). Like the time Tom bought like 2 CD's and we got a free Christmas tree, or the place that I got my tongue pierced... it was really nice. We had a delish lunch and then walked all the way down to this little chocolate shop on the corner where Sarah and I used to go for hot chocolate... it was a little more seedy than I recall, mind you my taste in good establishments has been more refined since I moved back! It was a really lovely afternoon, despite the chilly wind and the spitting rain! Thanks for a wonderful walk, great talk, and genuinely sweet afternoon... it made my week! :o)

So, what is on the horizon for this weekend? Well, Didsbury (aka 'dids') is opening this weekend and we have been invited to the Cinco de Mayo party out there. Ed and Jason are game to hold me up in the air for a jump or two or three... so, it's fly time! Yahoooo! :o) If only the weather can get better by Sunday... Hopefully I will have some good picts to post for you next week and a story or two! :o)

Oh, Props out to Cayla and Nathan for the incoming offspring, and yeah to you Nathan for staying home from the war. It was a hard decision I am sure, but you will be safe here, and we like it that way! We'd like to keep you if that is OK! :o)

So... the quote I have found is one that you would most likely find on one of those inspirational calendars or something, but in light of us looking into Peru and getting more excited about it, it seemed appropriate. "Life is not measured by the quantity of breaths you take, but the quantity of moments that take your breath away". I look to the future, and see nothing but anticipated moments that are destined to be memorable! Jumping this weekend, it is unbelievable, indescribable, and totally amazing! Peru... that whole 2 weeks should be breath taking, and I have heard that there is NOTHING that beats the sunrise on Manchu Pichu. Then there is the Parade of Survivors I am helping organize, this is a parade of breast cancer survivors and there are like 200 of them I think... I have heard it is remarkable and very touching. I am looking forward to helping kick off the Run for the Cure in Calgary this way. Then there is the Run for the Cure which is indescribable and emotional and unbelievable, I can't wait to do it again... just a note, keep a look out for donation forms coming your way! :o) Not only those moments which are memorable and breath taking, but I see smaller, random moments... like when I get the hang of a piece of music on my guitar and I am so proud of myself (that I get too excited and can't do it again for awhile... remember when I used to do that in Skating Dad?:o)), or when I look across the table at a lunch and I see a smiling face that just gets me, and understands with out me having to explain, or when the spring air hits you just right and you feel so alive and full of energy, and you smile to yourself because you are just so full of joy, it is those moments, the moments you make for yourself... secret moments... that make the days worthwhile, that make this life worth living. So, collect moments, secret smiles to yourself, private thoughts that give you joy... those are the moments you should count, those are the moments that should take your breath away!