Friday, April 27, 2007

Was it a fall or was it more?

I have thought long and hard about what to post for this week, and I have decided that I want my blog to be a clear and accurate depiction of who I am and what is going on in my life. So, having said that... Something happened on Monday.

I got up like I do every morning for work. Hopped in the shower and a really weird feeling came about me, this apparently is called an aura. The next thing I remember is laying in bed looking at Derek and he has this freaked out look on his face. Apparently, I finished my shower, and climbed back into bed while talking with Derek about why I was crawling back into bed (I thought it was night). I wasn't making too much sense, and so this alarmed Derek (I think I scared the s**t out of him actually) and so he got up to try to help me figure out what happened. To the best of our knowledge I blacked out while in the shower, and the medical professionals are calling this a seizure. I am not convinced and so I await further testing. SO... this means no driving (sigh) and waiting for more tests. I have an EKG on Monday and an MRI coming soon. I don't think they will find anything seeing as I just finished all of this testing last May... time to do it over I suppose... it better not take close to a year this time! I am not sure what will happen if the tests show I am good... perhaps medication, perhaps they will just say that this too was a freak incident. I don't have anything to blame this one of this time though, I am not on any new meds and I don't have much stress... not sure what this is all about! We will find a solution though, and it will work out, it always does!

Other than that, I have been going about my week as normal (minus the driving!). Good thing the bus comes almost to my door every 20 minutes! I am not a patient person when it comes to transit (perhaps because I am pissed that I have to use it and leave my NEW CAR sitting at home! When it was George it was a little easier, but NORM... sigh!).

I just got back from a work "off-site", which means that I got paid to play at the Zoo all day. We did a planning session for the Admin team in the morning, and then in the afternoon we did "Team Building" where we broke into teams and went around the Zoo solving riddles. It was fun! We also showed the team our share point site that I have been helping with. This is a type of web page where you can easily load and unload things onto but can only access at work. We created it as a tool for admins to be able to access information that they need but don't know how to do or how to find out how to do it. An example would be booking a conference room or ordering business cards. It is a really great tool for our team and I am really excited to be a part of the "share point team". We showed the rest of the admins what we had been working on for the past 6 months, and they seem really excited about it too... yeah for the hard work we did! :o)

So, aside from that, nothing new (I suppose it has been a busy week with Dr. appts and offsites to the zoo!). I am just settling in for a nice quite weekend in Calgary. I was going to be driving up to Edmonton this weekend to visit Mom and Dad who are down to buy a new van (yeah for you two!!!). I heard it is red, and I think that this is the first time since Betsy (the blue) that they have owned a car that is not a silver or gold... perhaps they are trying to match the goldwing??? Anyways, I wish them safe travels in their new vehicle, and happy shopping! I think Derek is working tomorrow (and if not, perhaps the DZ for a spring-time waitfest!) so I think the house can be cleaned and some recycling to be brought in... good thing the Co-op is only 4 blocks away... TOTALLY do-able with my big backpack and my feet... need a little exercise these days, and it is SO nice out!

So have a relaxing weekend everyone, and keep posted... I will be letting you all know what the outcome is, whether I like it or not! :o)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


YAHOOO, my flames won last night and boy did I have a great time! Derek I think enjoyed watching me hoot and holler more than the game! Who could resist with this stellar look that I had!! ha!

The seats were fabulous! We could see Kipper make the AMAZING saves, we saw a couple faces pressed against the glass and we saw the big scuffle front row! Apparently, Derek's boss saw us on T.V when they were singing "O Canada"... I await the film producers' calls... any day I know it!!!! ha! We even had this lady who took our order and magically produced beer... my dreams had come true, I was waited on hand and foot! It was great! ha! The night would not be complete without having 2 old men remind you of the hecklers off of the Muppet's... They were sitting right behind us and I could hear them talking about how OLD Hasek is and how he is slowing down, and how they hoped it wouldn't go into overtime because it was already past their bedtime... I howled... they were such a source of entertainment! It was a great night, so shout out to Steph for doing the draw... you can pick me anytime!!! Thanks!

Next game, Thursday... Won't be watching it rink side I am afraid... it is CBC all the way from now on I fear!!!! :o)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So I am totally pumped for tonight's main event... the FLAMES GAME #3 in the playoffs... I have never been to a playoff game before and I am BESIDE myself with excitement!! We have seats that are close to centre ice, row 5 in the Chrysler Club section... this means, I don't even have to get out of my chair to indulge in a heroine beer! yahoo!!!! GO FLAMES GO! Lets hope that tonight they crush their 2 game loosing streak.... I think they have just been missing their good luck charm... hehehe!

This past weekend was low key. Poor Derek had his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, and perhaps it was the Birthday cupcakes I made him for his Birthday on Thursday that did it, but one side got really infected. We spent a romantic evening on Friday (the 13th) in the ER... good times! Saturday Derek mostly slept so I took the opportunity to run some errands and go and visit my Grandma who had been in town for 10 days! She is so funny! Sunday was a relaxing, lazing on the couch and watching movies kinda day. I think Derek was going a little stir crazy, but he is such a good sickie... he doesn't complain at all!!! He is on the mend now and made it to work today... took the day off yesterday to go and see if the dentist could do anything. His little drug store is quite the sight! Glad you are feeling better babe!

The joy that I have oozes out of me today... I had a ROCKIN' sesh with my guitar teacher last night... my Spanish classes are resuming at the end of April... I get to play with the pottery wheel tomorrow night... and I am just really satisfied with my job and my house and my life. I saw this quote today that made me think about my journey. Now I am sure that everyone is sick to death about hearing about my past life (as I call it), but ironically three years ago today I oozed happiness too (although significantly short lived!) Helen Keller said "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us". I like to think that I didn't hang out to stand and stare at something that made me SO VERY unhappy. I chose to close the door, look at it and decide that I didn't like what was behind it, and I walked away. I didn't stand there, second guessing myself... I made sure that I wanted out that door before I even opened it to walk through!

I think of how different my life would be if I were to not have walked on... I would be celebrating my 3rd anniversary, and I think of how sad I would have been, and just the thought of where I was makes me sad. But then I look and see how I have come so far and found out what it is I want to be like over the past year and a half... I am just so lucky to have moved on. I could have lived in solitude and been a hermit and not dated or enjoyed life... but what is the sense in that. Life is just too darned short to sit on the sidelines. If I show up for the game, I am going in and doing all I can do to succeed. That is just the Heather way! There are some people that feel I am just not ready to be where I am, but seriously, there is no "right time" to do anything. I am stronger in who I am and happier with who I am than I have ever been. I don't think I need to justify my actions to anyone and so I just won't anymore. I am happy with my life and all that is in it. Why stand staring at a door when there is just so much happiness to be found?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just call me Aunty slacker!

Wow, there goes my "I am going to update more than every two weeks" promise! Sorry all! Hey, I know a blog that hasn't been updated since Jan. I am WAYYYY better than that!

Well, I survived the North. It is trips up there that do SO make me happy to live here in Calgary! What has been going on since last post? Well, we made a successful trip to Edmonton, and had a good visit with Jenny and Kenny... that little Eli is sure getting big! On the way home, Derek and I stopped to check out the old Dids DZ... it was kinda like a time warp, as it seemed that everyone got the plague and just dropped off the face of the earth! Derek gave me the 5 cent tour, which included almost climbing into a little Cessna... they fit 5 in there, really??? and then you HANG off the wing??? REALLY??? hummmm... any way, it was really interesting to see where Derek mis-spent his youth and hearing stories... I am sure I only hear the clean stories!!! ;o)

After 3 days of work, it was time for me to head off to YK. The plane was late because we had to de-ice the plane (in the sunshine??? weird!) so this made poor Leigh Anne have to sit and wait 30 mins for me to FINALLY land, and then Tom had to stand outside his work waiting for us... sorry guys... Mom and Dad arrived later on that night, and it was a nice visit. The girlies have grown and are still the cutest little scoundrels on the globe! Wish I had my digital camera so that I could post some shots! Soon enough! Friday was protienless and calm, it was good Friday so that means Church at 3! We watched a couple of Tom's games, and had a bevy or two in the beer gardens. Tom's team won both their games... yahoo! Saturday involved a lot of nailing and cutting of boards... reno's are always fun! Things look good though Tom... keep up the good work! Sunday was Easter and the Easter Bunny came and brought goodies... gotta love random goodies! We went for Brunch at the Explorer which was FAB... and then it was off to dunk the kid! Lily shared her baptism with 5 other infants (so the chorus of "whaaaa" was apparent!) but it was nice, and she looked so cute in her little Mennonite bonnet! Rowan looked stunning too in her cute little Easter dress!

After the baptism it was off to the Ledge to get some pictures taken. Peering into the chambers made me long for the day where I could sit there. Dad coyly suggested that I could run in the election this fall and beat out Paul... with the right platform, I am sure I could... BUT, I would have to LIVE in the North, and that doesn't seem like a fair trade... besides, I think I have some growing to do! Not sure if I am ready for the Ledge just yet... all in good time!

We got invited to Tom's friends house for Easter supper and it was very yummy, aside from the ulcer! AND THEN, it was time to watch Tom play in the final round of his tourney! It was not the best game of the weekend, and unfortunately his team was not the victor! Next time Tommy!

Monday was more renos, a drive out to Ragged Ass Road... or somewhere close but not quite... and a flight home! Thanks for the hospitality you Yellowknifers... you rock! It was nice to visit, but nothing beats home. Derek picked me up and proceeded to tell me all about his course that weekend... jumping in the snow is not something I would have EVER heard come out of his mouth! When things are your passion I suppose nothing really stops you. As always, I am just thankful he made it home in one piece!

Tuesday was Derek's teeth event... he pulled through like a pro and STILL doesn't look chipmunkesque! Well done, you did swimmingly! Wednesday was my first day back to work in like a week and it was crazy busy... always nice to feel needed! Wednesday is also pottery day... we are doing hand building right now, which is OK... but next week we are on the wheel, which is awesome... can't wait for Wednesday!

Yesterday was an eventful day... it was first of all Derek's Birthday! Happy B-day babe! Another year wiser! Hope your day was great, even if you did have to work! ALSO, I went out for lunch with Jason from Leth. yesterday... got caught up on the goings on of his world... it is nice to hear about all the old crew... or most of them! ha! But before that, I was put into a draw for Flames tix on Tuesday and I WON... can you believe it??? I NEVER win! I am so pumped! I am going to go and buy shirts for Derek and I this aft. so that we can cheer our Flames on to victory! I warned Derek, but I don't think he understands the magnitude of my "cheering" abilities... I am sure he will be blown away at how loud I can actually be! I am so excited, I was LITERALLY jumping up and down yesterday! They are corp. tix too so I have a feeling they are going to be good seats... hands off everyone, these puppies are ALL MINE!

The only quote I have for you is "GO FLAMES GO"... despite their shabby start last night, we are settling in for victory here in Calgary! We will not go gently into the night, we will rage against the dying of the light! Flames for the win!