Saturday, March 31, 2007

Aunty Heather must boast!

Hey all you bloggers.... if you want to check out the worlds cutest kiddletts, curtosy of my brother and sister-in-law, check out this blog!
I just have to boast!

I am just hanging out waiting for the boy to get off work so we can drive to Edmonton in my shiny, fueled up car! I just thought I would share this site with you all, seeing as most of my diligent readers know of these two shining stars!

Ciao bella!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hurrah for the brilliant BF

Hi yall! Sorry about the take over... I assure you it was not hostile in the slightest... I was having problems with gaining access to my blog on my "New Laptop" hehehe... BUT, thanks to the most brilliant boyfriend, I am up again... and running with the bestest of them!

Hummmm, where did I stop... right... Yo, yo... what's the haps with my peeps??? hehehe

Things at work have seemed to plateau if nothing else... We have a new fearless leader and I hear he is a real good guy to work for once you get used to him (whatever that means!). He is Scottish though, as in, FROM Scotland so it will be fun getting to understand him. He comes in Monday for the week to meet us all and on Tuesday I have a "one on one" with him. I think I will just be my perky little self and all will be good. I am sure that it won't hurt to wear my Hamilton skirt (hehehe). Other than that, I took the lamest course known to mankind last Thursday and Friday. It was an intro to the "oilfield' type of thing and was a TOTAL snooze fest! I could have taught it in 1/2 a day. This guy thought that it was such a great idea to show ample videos and the class certainly didn't mind as 75% of them took the time to catch up on their ZZZZ's... yes, it was a gooder!

Derek was gone for the weekend to Van for meetings, so I just hung out and did my own thing. No one was really around so I spent my days shopping and running errands and watching a flick or two (Avoid Idlewild like the PLAGUE, it totally SUCKED!). I went and picked up our Winterpegger of a friend at the airport. He is such a funny dude, a conspiracy theorist in the sense that I am. He is starting a new DZ at the old Dids place so things are going to be interesting this season! Where to go... where to go... hummm. Anyways, I saw him to his car and on his way to his folk's house and I got home in time to snuggle up to a night of the flu. I haven't been that sick in a LONG time... I think the last time I felt like that was when I was in Mount Royal. I seriously was thinking if there was anyone I knew who had a gun so they could put me out of my misery! I had a plan though (shock!) if I knew that I was SO sick I had to go to the hospital. Luckily, I made it through the night... and the next day... Derek got home to find a gross, smelly, barely there human lying in his bed. He was so sweet though, and made me soup and got me drinks... gold star babe, you pass the test!!! I stayed home Tuesday too, as my whole HEAD was bothering me from my throat being so sore... what could it be you ask???? Well... since my Dr. decided to leave the country temporarily... I had to go to the ER at my local hospital. A 2 hour wait told me that I had strep throat... SHOCKED???? Not! So, YEAH for penicillin, and yeah for the cutie nurse who brought me blankets that were warm... like they just came out of the dryer! That was soooo awesome.... they were bliss in a blanket! siiiiiigh! I'm not sure who said it but someone said that one of the best things about giving birth were the warm blankets... well, I do love the warm blankets, but will pass on the birthing thank you.... Question? Is there really a best thing about giving birth? And I don't want to know what it is if it is just blankets!

Other than that... I am slowly recovering... by Tuesday night apparently my "sarcasm" as some call it, was back in full force. I like to call it wit! :o) I am back to work, and had a MOUNTAIN to deal with. I have plowed through most of it by now and am looking forward to a quite Friday with only Steph and me in the office. Either everyone took the day off or they have quit... so, it will be great. We plan on going to Yoga and then grab lunch. I then have to run off to a SECRET LOCATION to do something SECRET... you will know soon enough!

Plans this weekend? Derek has a meeting in Edmonton, but has to work Saturday... so we might drive up that night or STUPID EARLY Sunday. I am going to see if I can give Jenny and Ken (and Eli) a shout and grab a coffee while Derek gets all political. It honestly is an excuse for me to drive my car and see how it is on the highway... and because it is funny when I am driving and Derek is smooshed in the passenger's seat... muahhhhahahahhaha! kidding!

So... the quote I have found since my last posting... "When you have tasted flight, you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been and there you will always be." ~ Leonardo da Vinci. Totally beautiful thought, if you only just view it as that. Honestly, I do think about flying and being like a bird and being free. Where else can you feel so free as floating in the sky not being able to hear anyone yell or criticise or anything. You shouldn't get lost in your thoughts obviously, but it is freeing in the same right. It is hard to explain, but Leo is right... I find myself starring out the windows of my 16th floor office thinking, hummm, the skys are so blue and doesn't look like there is wind... Life will never be the same. It is something that is in the back of your mind all the time, and you are just waiting for the next time where you can feel that freedom again. Life without constraints, the only expectation is that you live. If only things in "real" life could be that simple!

Well, I bid you bloggers good night. Sleep tight and dream of flying, it will change your world forever! Back to the Tunnelvision... :o)

Take Over

I have taken over Heathers Blog

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Inspiration...

This might be a tad excessive, but as promised, I am updating my blog more than once every two weeks! I am such an extremist sometimes!

SO... Props go out for Aunty J and Sandra for the conditional sale of their houses... yahoooooo! I know you are a little worried, but fear not, things have a wicked good way of working out! There are some nice homes out there, you just have to find them! :o)

I am excited to say that Derek and I are receiving our first set of company this week... his buddy is coming in from Winterpeg to stay for a day before they both set off for Vancouver... seems like he just got here and he is taking off again... perhaps I smell! :o) He is super busy with meetings to attend, such is the season for AGM's I suppose! I have yet to decide on what to do this weekend... perhaps I will call Deb and meet up for a bevy or maybe I will paint the house that stellar Lime green (haha!) (Kidding...). It is fixing to be nice so maybe I will take the map of the "K" Country and go for a jaunt...

I think that this past month or so has been relatively hard in that I have been a bit shaken and discouraged. It wasn't until this weekend when I talk with Ed about Law Schools that I got excited about that again. I really do feel that this is what I want to do, and so... I have to get back up on the horse. There have been some people who have made me feel really discouraged and disheartened about what happened but then there are people who have made all the difference. Nancy said to me before she left that she looks forward to hiring me as one of her lawyers one day. This was incredibly touching and uplifting. Then I found this quote... "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great!" ~Mark Twain.

I aspire to be someone that people, random people, remember. I am not sure why, but it has always been a goal of mine to be memorable... and I know to those that I know and love, I am... but it is the people that I work with and the people that I was in class with and the people that grace my life, or cross my path, for such a small amount of time. I want those people to remember who it was that made them smile, and who it was that inspired them. I want that person to be me. I always have strived for that, not sure why. But this quote makes me think that despite the small bumps and wobbles in the road to success, or what I view as success, there are people who help you back up to your feet, as well as people who just stare at you as they walk on by. It is the people that stop to take the moment to help you that are the ones that make you feel like you can conquer the world. I know that there are few people that I remember that made me feel like that... Deb (the Librarian), she always made me feel like it was so great to just be me... Jen (my bestest friend) has made me feel that I can (and will) do anything I can think of... and Nancy, who made me feel that dreams are not too small to achieve. Thanks to you ladies, I have the desire to continue and the will to persevere. (Mom and Dad, you inspire me too... you always have, and always will... you have seen me strong and you have seen me crumble, and you have loved me through it all! No words could ever thank you enough!!)

OK... so my first blog back to the land of quotes and analyzing and I get all mushy... Perhaps it just wouldn't be me without it that way...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Green schmeen!

Happy be-lated St. Patties day to all you wanna be Irish folk... and to the Irish folk I know...
Nothing has been too drastic since I last wrote... Ok, well, that isn't true!

Nancy's last day was very difficult, as she had grown not only into a respected collegue, but an admired friend. She DID however buy the department a new candy bowl as we ALL made coments about her leaving her covetted candy bowl here. I wonder if she thinks we would have missed the bowl more than her! ha! She also left a bunch of things to fill up the bowl, but I am sad to report, that a week and bit have passed and the department has polished off most of what she left... now it is up to us to keep it filled... sigh!

The weekend was relaxing and fun, Cat, Carrie and I (with their kids in tow) went shopping for Cat and Carrie's pending trip to Cuba... Yeah for you Cat... you are goign to have a BLAST! I wasn't feeling well so I went to Aunty J's house to hang out, and we had supper and watch an (ahem) movie... it was a nice relaxing day spent with family. Sunday was filled with Cleaning and moving my stuff to storage, productive but slow paced and relaxed.

Then it seemed that Monday and Tuesday morning CRAWLED by as I anxiously anticipated the return of my roomie, Derek. I picked him up from the airport on Tuesday afternoon... it is always exciting to be in an airport picking up someone... He looked weary and tired from the busy days he had at the DZ the week prior... but beneath the weary exterior, I know he was happy to be home (althought a little more cluttered and arranged differently!) and a little happy to see me. We went and picked up his car, grabbed a bite to eat, and then it was home to unpack and crash... poor guy, I think he is STILL catching up on his sleep.

This past week has been nice, relaxing, and fun. Derek and I have successfully lasted a week living in the same house, so I think we are going to be ok. I think we have settled in nicely together, even if I have lots of bathroom stuff!!!! :o) Thanks for a great week Babe, things can only get better from here.

This past weekend, was St. Patties day... what does Kermit say? "It aint easy being green!" - he had something there! Saturday was eventful. The morning saw a quick trip out to High River for Curtis' final tournament of the year! He was a superstar in net... hummm, should we call him Kipper? He was so great! Although he is only 5, with some dedication and practice, only good things can come from this! (what can I say... I DO want an NHL'er in my family at some point... how else and I goign to get tix front and centre??? ha!)... Anyways, Curtis, you have a fan in me... when does next season start? I will be there with bells on... ok, the bells will stay home, never could stand those hockey moms with the cow bells anyway!!!

After getting back from High River, I went for lunch with Derek and his teamate Shannon. We had a great visit, and it seemed that we just didn't want to have our afternoon end. SO, we went to a matinee. I am happy to say that their bad streak of movies has ended (but I am thinking just barely!)... thanks for a great afternoon! We left and by the time we got home, had a bite and got ready, it was time for Ed's party! Woot, woot to you Eddie! You are now in the elite group of POPS (Parachutists over phorty Society!) You see, it was Ed's 40th Birthday! It was a nice evening, talking about skydiving, law school, and urban sustainability(?).... ok, the last one was only me, and honestly, it you want to kill a conversation say those two words... ha! Thanks for the hospitality Ed and Nancy... we will have to reciprocate sometime soon... infact... hummm, someone has a birthday coming up... how many years until 40?????? hehehe! Anyways, it was a lovely Saturday.

Sunday constituted Derek catching up on MUCH needed sleep... and then we just hung out relaxing. It was nice to have a day to just be... I am now well rested, relaxed and ready to start my work week... So what happens when I walk through the door today, pretty much first thing... ANOTHER one of our lawyers resigns... UGH! Another couple stressful weeks, here we come! He is leaving for an EXCELLENT opportunity, and he DOES feel super bad for "leaving us while we are down" but sometimes, you can't control the timing (as Nancy once told me), and things just happen when you don't expect them. Congrats Brent on your achievments, good luck!

So, I have decided that I must update my blog more often as the past couple entries have been strictly listing the goings on and I haven't had much time to be reflective and show you all the innerworkings of my mind (as scary as that is sometimes!)... I will try to be more dilegent... Until next time, I bid you Adieu!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A recap of the past 2 weeks or so!

Howdy all! I hope this finds you all well. Today is a beautiful spring like morning here in Calgary. The world is right again, and I find myself perkier than I have been in weeks. The mountains are crisply painted on the horizon, the sky a beautiful rich blue... the birds should be singing!

Things here have been hectic and stressful to say the least. When I got back from my fantastic holiday I had 3 days to pack my stuff and then move. But first, at work, the first day I was back I got told that I got a raise and a bonus. I love my job! The next day saw some sad news as my Superdooper boss resigned. It wrecked my world temporarily! The move went well however, and on Saturday I had my stuff moved to my new house. Sunday was complete with putting all my things away and cleaning Aunty J's house. While I was there, I decided to watch the Oscars, and this resulted in a mini-sporadic-impromptu Oscar party, complete with popcorn and bevies. Cayla (and baby), Nathan, Aunty J, Sandra and Erica all managed to watch with me at some point. It was fantastic. Props go out to Nancy for being the winner of the pool... the Conoco Cup looks great on your desk!

The work week was packed with catching up, frantic people trying to figure out what to do when my boss leaves, and basically a department of grumpy-pants! It was a stressful week, a grumpy week, a sad week. I found out on Monday that a gentleman I knew was tragically killed in a snowmobiling accident while I was away. He was a very gentle spirit and will be missed. Another bummer is that I had a talk with my ex-husband and he decided that I can't gather my belongings that are still at his house. I subsequently called my lawyer and found out that he has been really ill and has not been able to do work for almost a month. Things kinda have halted there. I also found out that my Schmucky was in the hospital, but she was out on the Wednesday and is doing good again. Kisses sent to you from Aunty Heather (to you too Sweet Pea!). This was a hard week as I moved into a strange house, stress at work, sadness of a lost friend, my princess was sick, a wacko for an ex, and some other things that drastically stressed me out. I never care to repeat those days!

The first weekend of March saw me hanging out with Cat... she saw in my face that I had been having a hard time and took me to see a movie and then shopping. We tried on dresses and shoes (OK, it was just me) but I felt so much better after blowing the day doing things that made me happy... trying on shoes, that is like going to the spa but costs much less! She got a call at around 7 from Aunty J, and Cat said that it seemed like she needed help, so we hoped in Norm and drove over. Aunty J and Sandra looked frazzled so Cat and I started to use our muscles and moved a bunch of stuff over to the other side. We made plans to go and do the same the next morning. Sure enough at 10 we were there knocking on the door saying, Movers are here. They all went to Church and Cat and I moved most of the furniture over. It was a day of high emotion, tension, accomplishment (we moved that darned Credenza, and the bunk bed!!!), and realization. It was a hard day for all of us as it was stepping into the future which seemed a bit unknown! I went home, collapsed into bed and was out!

Monday at work seemed less stressful, I suppose people have accepted the fact that our boss is going! We have since made a challenge to get the Conoco Cup off her desk, and an appointment for her to buy the lattes! It is now Thursday and things seem to be smoothly going towards the transition from having a boss to having... we're not sure. It might be months before they find a replacement. It will never be the same though, as she was the best boss I have ever had. Strong and Determined, easy to approach, committed to our development as a team and as individuals, caring, professional and brilliant at her job. It has been an honor to work under such an accomplished, dedicated woman!

Things on the divorce front, I have light the fire under his butt and so the final papers including the settlement agreement, are being drafted. Yahoo... I will be free soon! (not that being married has inhibited me in anyway!). I got a call from the Ex on Monday and he was wondering what was taking so long... funny from the man that took 4 months to respond to letters is now in the worlds largest rush to have this done... my suspicion is that he wants to get re-married. Funny thing also, is that he asked for the engagement ring back (which I laughed at!)... perhaps he wants to give it to his new girlfriend??? hehehe... OK, that was offside, but honestly, he wants it back??? That is BEYOND tacky! It gave us all a good chuckle... even the lawyer when we talked about how I was allergic to the wedding ring! I said that it should have been a sign! (I assume the ex has the ring as it was at the jewelers and I haven't received it back... oh well, I suppose it is his as his mom lent him the $$$ to buy them... sigh, what a world I lived in!)

On Monday I went over to see Sandra and Aunty J (after rockin' out with John at Guitar lessons!). Their painter was there and busy... Aunty J was busy packing the kitchen (she finished as I was there telling her about my day!). They are done like dinner by this weekend, and hopefully things will go smoother on their move out to Cochrane. Sandra and Aunty J told me that effective Monday March 5, 2007, they are the official owners of their Pet Planet... Woot, woot go out to you two... you are fabulous and will do fabulous and I love you... I am so proud of you!

Anyways, I have adjusted somewhat to my new home, but I am sure that it will be different once Derek gets home... 5 more sleeps! There is always a period of "adjustment" when you move in with someone... but I know that it will be all good.

I want to leave you all with a quote I found. I have been trying this past week to find peace within myself about some of the things that have occurred over the past couple weeks. I have been through many emotional ups and downs and at times have felt uncertain about what I am to become. I am not any more certain about that, but in this time of uncertainty my family has shown me love and support. I have become clear in that I am happy with who I am and even though life throws me bumps, I hang on with determination and drive, for I know that I will reach where I set my eyes on... no if, ands or buts! This quote made me think of my fab. family... I want my whole family to know that I love them dearly, and that it is our differences that make us so wonderful and oddly enough so united. Susan Partnow said "It is within the families themselves that peace begins"... Thank you for all your love... I am blessed to have you all. For my cousin and aunt, I am glad that you can count on your family, because that is where your beginning is, or in your case, re-beginning! I am happy to help and proud to be your family...

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Finale!

I suppose I have made you wait long enough for the finale of my AZ trip (and it is about time I catch you up on the goings on of my world now too!)

So, when I stoped I had just spent 2 glorious days relaxing in the sun! The day after that we got weathered out, so Derek arranged a trip to the rig manufacturer that is on site. Here they design and make the containers for the parachutes. It was amazing how this mad scientist dude has made a life creating something that essentially saves people's lives. It is fascinating to see how it all comes together too. It was enlightening.

The next day was a day off and so Derek and I were off to Mexico. I drove the whole way there anxiously anticipating what I would see. We got to Nogales, parked the car, had a quick lunch and we were off to explore. It was a cloudy day, so it was good for Derek not having to jump, kinda hurts when you have a day off on a beautiful day and you spent the day before off because of weather! So we followed the little signs that had yellow arrows that pointed to Mexico... crossed the border (which was weird in that it was the same city, just a different country so they have this big Berlin wall thing going on complete with barbed wire, graphitie and crosses of people who did not make it to America!). The guard at the border for going into Mexico barely made eye contact with us, I think he was just there to hold up the wall he was leaning on. The Mexico side was totally different compared to the US side. There were little markets everywhere with people calling out to you "Hey Laadiee, everything on sale todayyy!" I hate high pressure sales. I did manage to slink away unscathed so that was good. We saw this little church in the middle of it all it seemed and we went in. It had beautiful stain glass and smelt like incense. It had a cove for Mary (or Sainta Maria), in which there were a couple women praying. There were confessionals WITHOUT doors or curtains, imagine confessing in that, YIKES! It was simple (compared to most old Churches) but beautiful. Our walk continued along and we saw many tourist traps... the donkey with the cart and sombrero... it was Mexico alright. We rested and had a curro in the square and soaked up what culture we could. Derek fed the pigeons and I think one fell in love with him as it would not go away! I think Derek was a little weary from all the travelling... something about staying out all night and Amber Bock (a very yummy beer!). I laughed at him all day the poor guy, but he was a trooper, he came along for the adventure! We left Mexico (by standing in line for 30 minutes at customs... I suppose they had to make sure that I didn't have anything illegal...).

It was a great day! I drove us home the whole way with the top down, and along the way we decided that we should go for supper. We met up with all the guys (and Shannon) and hit the road to Casa Grande for supper at the China Buffet. I STILL don't believe I ate that much, I was so uncomfy for the rest of the night. I decided to go for a swim when we got back so that I could work off some of the food... there is something about swimming under the stars that is terribly romantic.

So, I suppose that I can not procrastinate telling you all the last exciting event that happened on my trip. I have told everyone I need to and am no ready to share it with you all. I went skydiving again. I was able to get Andy and Terry to assist me in my first PFF jump (that means they were there to help me and keep me balanced but I did it all). It was indescribable. There was training on the ground, I got well versed in all the emergency procedures... I know what to do if my main doesn't open square, or if I get my pilot shoot twisted on my arm, or if my d-bag doesn't come out. I practiced about 100 times pulling my pilot shoot so that when I was up there, I would be pulling and Andy would just watch... there was no if ands or butts, I was pulling! We got manifested, but had to wait a little longer as they wanted me to go on Otter 13... can you believe it? that is just ASKING for something to go wrong... I refused and so we went on a competition load. (there was a competition going on at the time) So we got geared up, walked to the tram, got in the plane and before I know it we were at 10,500 ft and all the competitors got out. I however did not as I was going up to 13,000... so the pilot did a special jump run just for us... it is quite special actually! So, getting up to altitude, I suppose the nerves kicked in and Terry told me to Breathe... apparently I had forgotten! Then the door was opened, we got into position, and I was a machine... I looked at Andy and he flashed me a smile... I told all the boys that that is when I knew this would rock and that I would be OK... I looked at Terry and he was SO pumped how could I NOT be??? And it was "Up-down-and-out" and I was flying, It was exhilarating... I looked at Andy and his smile had not faded, I looked at Terry and I think he was screaming he was so excited, I looked at my alti, I was at 10 grand... wow! I was all business... I looked at the beautiful skyline but focused on what I was trained to do... I did all the stuff I was supposed to and when Andy put his alti in my face (it said 6 grand) I took a deep breath, did a wavy wavy (so they knew I was pulling) and pulled... there is something MAGNIFICENT about pulling a parachute. I took 3 breaths when I realized that my chute was good, un-stowed the brakes and did my line checks... it was all good... Dale on the ground directed me to where I needed to be, and encouraged me to play a little with my canopy... I can honestly say I saw the pool (which was the reference point I picked on the drop zone) and it was smooth sailing from there. I got into position ready to land, and there was a slight mis communication with Dale he said right and I went left... ooops! But I managed to land on my feet, a beautiful tippie toe landing (for at least 3 steps) and then I bit it into the tent I accidentally veered into... It was all good... a soft landing, a GREAT free fall (according to me anyways) and my first solo canopy ride (which is what I was nervous about!). I think my 2 AMAZING PFF instructors deserve GOLD stars! There were magnificent! Woot, woot, boys for your first PFF student, she thought you did superbly! And, can't forget Dale... Woot, woot for you too, even though I hit the tent, you did a good job! Hey, it is a great memory!!! How many people do YOU know who have landed on a tent???

I was going to go up on my last day again, but there were clouds and by the time they had gone, I had to hop in the car to get to the airport. I was quite sad, BUT Andy said that he is going to be here sometime in the spring... and Jason and Ed are both instructors... I am sure I could sweet talk them into helping me out. I know these people are well trained, because Derek trained them. Why is Derek not my instructor... may reasons, but mostly because that is a hard position for him to be in, especially with criticism (you all know what I am like with criticism from the people I love!). He is happy to not have anything to do with it, because I know it was a struggle to decide how he was going to be involved. So... My skydiving has NOTHING to do with Derek... FYI.

The last day I was there, I watched Derek and Shannon play in the tunnel with the guys. It is so cool to see him in action, and I doubt that he realises how great he actually is at this sport! He is so good! I then went over to "Old El Paso" to see if I could manifest... no dice, oh well... I chatted with the boys there a little, got my gear packed, put the top down and said good bye (for now) to the worlds largest drop zone. I know that I will be back. I didn't get my picture with the crinklies (which are retired people who get bussed in on the weekends to watch the crazy skydivers... seriously thinking of writing a thesis on this!). AND, also because even if you DON'T skydive, you learn a lot about it when you are there. So I said goodbye to my honey (for 3 whole weeks) drove down the freeway, returned the car and said goodbye to Arizona. I knew that the next day would render work... and I knew that I would never be the same after a trip like this... it was so wonderful and freeing, liberating. It was magnificent!!!

Thank you babe for such a great trip. You were the highlight of course, but it was amazing and wonderful and relaxing and exhillerating! We had so much fun, I thought and you were a major contributor to it... thank you could never be enough! Miss you...