Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One more step = smaller world

Happy last day of January all! What a great start of the year! I got evicted, my boyfriend left me... sigh, isn't it funny how life is just a matter of perspective? I am moving in with my boyfriend, AND, I get to go and visit him in sunny Phoenix for 10 days, perspective is the key!

So it is a snowy day in Calgary... heard that the Deerfoot is shut down... YIKES! Oh well, no rush to get home to my lonely house tonight! The roommate is leaving today... no more dog, no more flaky weirdo, oober excited! I am jetting over to Sandra's to pick up some boxes to continue the purge that is my world right now. I have a "mock" LSAT tomorrow so I figure one night off won't be too bad... besides, too much is sometimes, simply too much! I hope to be productive in some realm today! We shall see!

I had the coolest night last night. I tried to get a hold of a girl that I went to University with on Monday. I called her parents house, hoping that they would forward on my number. While at David and Curtis's FIRST Piano Recital (yeah guys you were GREAT!!!)I got a call from her. On an aside - the recital made me realize that all parents think their children are simply wonderful... even if they aren't. Some of the pieces were BRUTAL, but some, to be fair were really good! So, she called and when I got home I called her back... We ended up talking for almost 2 hours catching up... I am so excited to see her again, she lives in Calgary! It should be a great weekend as we are going to hook up and have a visit, catch up on old times! Man did we used to have such fun. Apparently none of them really liked the ex and when the couldn't track me down they thought that I was dead (my friends are a little on the dramatic side!). It was great to chat with her again, and we have vowed to get together on the weekend. Ironically, her parents live like 3 blocks from Derek's house (soon to be my house I suppose!)

Derek apparently had a blast down in Vegas, and he is now in Eloy... I am sure he is anxious to get in the air and tunnel! Cheers my crazy techie, have fun and play safe. Say HI to the Shannon and Bonjourno to Ed! Miss you!

That is all I have, I am outtie... ciao bella! Have a great night all, and remember, life is all about how you look at things. Sometimes you just have to step out of the box to see the light shining in! :o)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My car has a name!

So, I have been flipping back scanning my blogs and realized that I haven't told you all the name of my new car. Although some would like to call it "Heather's car", I fear that is FAR too unoriginal for me. After a lot of thought and observation, I have realized that there are a LOT of Corolla's out there, A LOT... I think there are 5 or 6 in Derek's parking area alone! So, I thought NORM would be a good name... considering it is the NORM to be a corolla, and I don't feel I am the NORM... I am "Not the NORM"... so HE IS! ha! Norm has been a great little car, it is always fun to learn something new, especially when it is a car, and it is yours! George is gone, sigh, but to a good cause. The guys at the auction places said that I wouldn't get much for my car, so I donated him to the Kidney foundation. He went to a good cause and it was easy, and it is a tax write off, so all is good. So that is the dealio with my cars... I have only one, and Norm is his name-o!

As for this weekends plans, I have my course, and my boyfriend is abandoning me for his other love... sigh! He and Shannon (his team mate) are driving to Arizona for (ever?) 6 weeks to train and teach. They leave on Saturday, and perhaps it is good that I am going to be in 'school' otherwise I would be a pile of goo... I think it is only 17 days until I am in Arizona... ahhh, I can feel the warm sun on my skin already... I know that Derek and I are going for a hike, and I believe we are renting a car... and I am really going to try to see my Uncle and Aunt while I am down there, but it does depend on whether I have wheels... sometimes, I can totally dig living without planning everything, but other times, I have a hard time... I think after this weekend's course, I am going to set out a schedule for packing the house and moving, and I am going to try to nail down some solid plans for Arizona. Should be OK... I just have to focus on the task of this weekend, surviving the course, and having Derek leave... sigh! I am happy that he is going to do something he TOTALLY loves, and I am sure he is having a hard time being excited about it in front of me, but I am sure going to miss the goof... I have gotten used to him being around a lot... winter is his off season so it has been nice just curling up on the couch and being lazy, or going for a skate or hike, or shopping... just going to miss the boy! :o)

Anyways, as usual, this WAS going to be short... never seems to happen that way! Have a great day and weekend bloggers. And keep in mind what Winston Churchill says... "Everyday you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But, this so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb." The journey is the thing... keep on it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

An adventure to the land of unique

Hello world of bloggers. Welcome to a cloudy day in Calgary. It amazes me that the temperature on the 22nd of January is a balmy minus 7 C... what amazes me more is that I require mittens at this temp, no questions asked! I have turned into a southern wimp! sigh!

This weekend saw a lot of work get done. Yeah for Cathy and me for cleaning the garage, it looks great! Then doing the recycling, a sally ann trip, a bottle depot run (ewww), and a couple other errands. Thanks for the appies and drink Cat, always a giggly adventure with you... and now that we have "broken in" Norm, watch out world! So, that was Saturday. Sunday saw Derek and I going to Claresholm to get his newly packed rigs from a Mad Scientist dude... Yeah for safety! Seriously, this guy is a find of a lifetime. He brings unique to a totally different level. He is building a flight simulator in his shop from a real cockpit... Super smart! He lives in an old train station, that is over 100 years old. He is what sociologist dream of when they want to study people that don't fit the "mold" so to speak! It is like a whirl-wind when you talk to him... eclectic... just fascinating!

So we did that, then it was time for Heather to learn to pack a parachute... and it is a little more difficult than I expected. Good thing I had a pro teach me, thanks for your patience and thorough explanation, you are a great teacher! I did manage to ALMOST complete one pack job (if you can call stuffing the cute in the d-bag packing!), but refused to let Derek actually use it (trusting man, he would have used it I am sure!), so he had to not only teach me to pack it, watch me attempt to pack it, but he had to pack it for real. The catch, he LOATHES packing... what a sacrifice that was I am sure! One day... MAYBE, if your lucky, I will be confident enough to pack your chute... if your nice! :o) Then it was time to hunker down again and study... I swear my head almost explodes if I study that stuff too much... I am trucking along, however, and am feeling assured that I will be able to complete the book by the time my course starts on Friday. I have about 1/3 of it to go, and Derek works a lot this week so study is going to be my middle name... if I don't get side tracked! :o)

I am very excited to be done this exam... it has been looming over me for YEARS... good thing I am finally getting it off the list. Perhaps if I don't make it into law school I have thought about writing novels and living off rice and water, a bohemian, a wanderer... or maybe I will become a pilot, or a chef, or a mountain climber, or a clown... the world is my oyster, and who says I have to do just one! Yeah for productivity and forward motion! "I CAN'T do it never yet accomplished anything: "I WILL TRY has accomplished wonders" ~ George P. Burnham. I charge you world, go and live passionately, go and try what you heart yearns for... if you fall on your face, get up, dust yourself off and try again! Life is to short to sit and "what if!" or "One day"... go and make the "what if" happen, go and make that "one day" today... live passionately, fearlessly and endlessly. Try it all! Make your goals extraordinary then don't stop until you reach them!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Where was I a year ago?

A year ago today I had just returned from Hay River, ready to step out into the city and 'make something' of myself. A year later, I find that I am stronger, happier and more secure than I have ever felt. Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem called "If" and I think it is my favorite poem. He says in it "... Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken; And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools." He continues at the end of the next stanza "And so hold on when there is nothing in you; Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"." There are many more words that are wonderful in this poem, but to me those are the lines that pop out when I read it... I felt that the life I lived crumbled, then I just swept up what was left, and kept going. There were times where I just wanted to run and hide, still are I suppose, but that voice inside, telling me to "Hold on" has kept me on the path that I currently am on. It has been a great year. A prosperous year. An adventure to say the least...

One year ago today, a very nervous, unsure (and heavier) Heather walked into a restaurant, not knowing that the person she was there to meet would change her world for the better. I am very lucky to have found someone that supports my dreams, and not only supports them and believes in them with me, but knows how much I want to achieve them and pushes me to do so. I am very lucky to have found someone that I know I can be goofy with, and that isn't afraid to see me cry, and who would much rather talk about my crappy (or wonderful day) than pretty much anything... I know how lucky I am. Thank you for letting me be me, even if some days I don't even know who that is. You inspire me to grab that brass ring, and move on to the gold. Thank you for listening, thank you for your understanding, and thank you for loving me just the way I am... because with you, I can be me, just the way I am... and it feels good!

So, news... I am moving. Circumstances beyond any of my family's control have led Aunty J and Sandra to a predicament. They are forced to move into Aunty J's side of the duplex. This being where I live, it poses a problem of sorts for me. I could live with 2 adults, 3 kids, 1 bird, ANOTHER cat, and 2 dogs - not to mention the steady flow of dogs Sandra rescues and adopts out, AND the mouse I found yesterday... (Kim my roommate thought I was on fire or something the way I was carrying on... until I told her why... then we both were carrying on together!) in a house that has been comfortably harbouring 2 adults and 2 animals for over a year. Having said that, they have so kindly offered to let me stay there, but being my independent self, I have declined and have decided to take up permanent residency with Derek. We have been talking about this for a while, and I am confident that we are going to be great together. If only we can get more 'work' done in each other's company! I know that I am totally excited, and pumped to move. I am scared too, but who wouldn't be with the past I have had. But, what I figure is that sometimes, you just have to go for it and make a decision based on the facts you have, and what makes you happy. He is one of the things that makes me happy. The move happens when Derek is out of town, he lucked out because he hates to move! ha!

So right now, Big changes on the horizon. Good changes, positive changes... what can I say, I like a good adventure! Meg Cabot says "In order for people to be happy, sometimes they have to take risks. It's True that these risks can put them in danger of being hurt." I agree. We should step out onto that limb that is scary and new, grasp it firmly and if need be, and if time suggests, let go. "Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed." ~ Storm Jameson. Live life, suck out the marrow, Carpe Diem!

Monday, January 08, 2007

The hike that eventually ended!

Ok, so I told you all that we were going to go for a hike this weekend. Well, hike we did! We started out early afternoon on a cute little 5 km hike, not too much for my shiny new boots and poor little feet. We start out, our hydration packs full, the camera ready and smiles on our faces. It was a nice day, a little windy, and with out our 4 - 5 layers it would have been chilly, but the sun was shining through the clouds and the squirrels were running jovially around. We were marching along enjoying the trail we picked off of our "Map of the Kananaskis Country" or "K-Country" to the more experienced, I think it was called "Diamond Loop" - what can I say, I like shiny things!
We come across maps to track where we are, we take pictures, skate on a pond... having a grand old time! Then, about an hour and a half - two hours into our hike, Derek says, "I haven't seen a trail marker for a while, wouldn't it be funny if we took the wrong path???"... so, we stop, pull out the map, realize that we should be headed south not North... and laugh at our foolishness... we decide to turn around and along the way back, there was a couple times where we were like, "do you recognize this? I don't"... good thing at least one of us was paying attention at least part of the time... We make it back to the last trail map we saw and realize that there is a fork in the trail, this is ironically one of the times we SHOULD have taken the past less travelled by. Oh well, we will know for next time... We ended up on the Tom Snow trail that required a lot of up hill climbing... perhaps this is good practice for the Inca Trail! Our elevation didn't get higher that barely 5000 ft, and Manchu Piccu is like 13000 ft (that is the height I jumped out of a plane... BIG difference in altitude!) so perhaps we are going to have to find a hill that is significantly higher so that we can practice... Anyways, it was a beautiful hike, and my boots, although are lacking shine, worked exceptionally well... perhaps a 12 km hike was a little much for the first time, they didn't hurt my feet that much... they are great boots, and I look forward to putting many, many more km's on them. Thanks for the great birthday gift Mom and Dad! Thanks Derek for the hydration system... we would have been able to camp out for a night with the amount of H2O we had left... and thanks for the adventure... I am glad we can still have a good time lost together! Next time, I will navigate!!!! :o) (kidding!)

Other than that, nothing too terribly exciting happened this weekend. A relaxing, kind of weekend. We went and saw "Children of Men" on Friday night... and I don't often put the movies I see on my blog, but this was a good movie... it was insightful, thought provoking, drastic, futuristic, heart wrenching and wonderful. I recommend anyone see it... however, there is one scene I had to turn my head from, but that was because they showed FAR to much birthing for my liking... other than that... a remarkable movie. A must see as far as I am concerned!

Other than our misadventure - with the happy ending - nothing too terribly exciting happened this weekend. It was a good time, relaxing, and calm... just the way I like it sometimes...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Another mountain to climb on my road to success!

"Waiting for a bus is about as thrilling as fishing, with the similar tantalisation that something, sometime, somehow, will turn up." ~George Courtauld

What a mental image this is. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really am not a fisher... (right Lyle & Leah)... but I DO ride transit everyday and there is something about the "excitement" of seeing the train coming (most specifically at the end of the day). Every one perks up, they move closer to the line, check to see if it is the right train... then chaos, people coming, people going, pushing, people getting angry, people appologizing... it is like fishing... baiting the hook, then waiting for the stupidest fish who was, then reel in, let out a little, then the fish is in the boat... it is chaos... the anticipation is everything! Where is this going you ask yourselves... well... the anticipation is already killing me... the anticipation of the LSAT. I have officially registered for the exam. My time has come. I am on the list. I am making my dreams happen one step at a time. It is great, it is thrilling and I am proud of myself for doing it... but on the other hand, I am scared to death and nervous as heck. This exam is part of what determines if I can take the next step or not. Who knows what is going to happen... the anticipation is what gets you. It feels like I have been preparing for this step for SO long, for years, and through all the struggles I have actually made it to this point. I just don't want to let myself down because I know I can be hard on myself. I think I need to prepare like the Dickens, take the course, read the LSAT book Derek gave me for Christmas (it is great babe, thanks again, I love it!), take all the practice tests I can... I have a month and 5 days, let the games begin!

So, plans this weekend (as obvious as it could be) includes studying, but also taking some time to go shopping with Derek and then going for a hike to break in my new boots. Honestly, this is a test to see if I am in as good of shape as I think I am, AND, to test Derek and see if he can keep up with me! :o) You up for the challange????? The weather calls for around -5 C tomorrow and -1 C Sunday, so it should be good weather for a nice hike. By the way the mountains look this morning out my office window, majestic and alluring, I wish I was there right now exploring, breathing in that crisp mountain air, contemplating what the next few months will hold for me. Excitement is to be had this weekend... can't wait! The anticipation is the thing!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year is here!

Happy New Year to all! My best wishes for the pending adventures of this coming year! So with the New Year comes resolutions. My first, to knock at least three things off my list of things to do... (I am getting a head start as I am writing the LSAT on Feb 10... a month away... YIKES!). My second, to keep fit and active. My third, to remain a non-smoker (2 months almost, GOLD STAR for me!). Lastly, to be more assertive and stop being such a "Yes" person! I think we can always improve on ourselves, no one is perfect... as one of my shirts says "I may not be Perfect my parts of me are pretty awesome!" hahaha!

My birthday... I am now 26... and honestly, it didn't kill me... not even close. I am ok with it now, even if I am closer to 30 than 20... it had to come sometime! I spent most of my day in Airports... my flight was delayed 3 hours in Calgary so I woke up (and had to drag Derek out of bed) early for nothing... I am getting used to napping in airports! I made it to the Hay by aprox. 6 pm and I didn't think I was going to make it the landing was so rough... I don't normally get nervous, I have flown in a lot of planes and had some rough landings (Resolute mean anything???) but this one was one for the books... Mom, Dad and Grandma were there to welcome me with open arms and Dad hauled my pretty pink luggage to the car, no waiting time at this airport. We spent a lovely evening at the Back Eddy catching up and munching... their spring rolls are the best. It was great! Then off to the house where my mom presented me with a beautiful cake that looked like a Christmas decoration, it was so cute... Thanks Mom. It ended up being a great evening despite the rocky start and the defiance of death!

So, Christmas was nice... chilling by the new pellet stove the parents bought, admiring the beautiful tree Tom, Leigh Anne and Dad plucked from the wilderness, eating and drinking WAY too much, and just being was the theme of this years Christmas. It was great to catch up with Mom and Dad, and it was wonderful to have Grandma spend the time with us. She is such a cutie (but don't tell her I said that! hehehe!). I also liked spending time with My Jennie! (although it is always not enough!) Rollin' in the Hay is just unbeatable! Loves it Jen! I think the highlight, by far was the 9 hour layover in Yellowknife I endured on my way back to cow town. Nothing like being stranded in a place that is A. FREEZING (-27 C without windchill - I am not a good Northerner anymore) B. Like some foreign country and C. Lets people virtually accost you in the bathrooms. Let's just say I should be compensated by First Air, they are SOOOO getting a letter! I missed my folks, and Jen but I didn't miss Hay River, and the more I live away from it, the more I realize that I am not cut out for the north anymore... I suppose I am too "City-fied" now!

So, I got home (after a 9 hour layover in YK and a 20 minute delay in Edmonton (my fav. airport!)) and Derek picked me up... loved the gotee! We got to his house, opened presents (some wicked presies for me! "That was easy"!) then it was off to my house to open MORE presents... Love Christmas! The next morn. Tom and his girlies stopped by for a quick visit, wow have those kids grown! Yikes before I know it I will be attending their University Graduations.

New Years saw Derek and I partying with some of his crazy cronies at a house party. I think this is the first "Party" I have gone to for New Years... I don't think tobogganing counts! We had fun... Derek got to catch up with all his buddies, talk politics and fenangle stories and I got to break a glass playing a game (I was body checked I swear!) and then, as the night wore on, I planted cake on the hosts face... ahhh, good times! Nothing like Heather up to new tricks! All in good fun though, and Dave (the host) didn't mind... he wanted to have his cake and eat it too! HA!

The 1st of the year was a write off (as it should be) and Derek and I lazed the day away watching movies and competing for the "indecisive" championship... I think he won! The 2nd found me back at work, staring at my inbox full of e-mails and my voice mail loaded with queries.... ahhh, to be needed! It was a great holiday season, I got to do all the things I love doing (aside from a rip around the rink.... perhaps this week???), I got to see all the people I love, and that Santa sure did spoil me... what more is there to say, Je suis contente! Thanks everyone for making this holiday season such a relaxing and special one!

What is next??? Well... I write the LSAT, Derek goes to AZ for EVER (almost!) and I go and visit... should be fun... lots to do, fun to be had and trouble to find! What can I say, the New Year is here!