Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TA DA!!!! My shiny new wheels!

So, I have a shiny new car, whom remains nameless still... sorry folks! What an ordeal to get him though... shall I begin. I get off work early in order to go and pick him up but I have some errands to do down town (ie. get certified cheque to pay for new car). Derek so nicely volunteered to give me a lift to pick up new car, so I called him when I was done and he said he was on his way... 45 Minutes later, he shows up (to be fair, traffic was sickening so it wasn't his fault). Those who know me well know that when I have something I want to do I create a time line in my head... having Derek show up late messed up my time line and frustrated me. So, lucky Derek got to know grumpy Heather (sorry again sweetie!). So a 30 minute drive in crazy traffic across the city, and we are there to pick up my car. So I pay for my car, sigh, and have to run around to find a registration place. By then it was 6 pm or 18:00 for those on "military time" and we drove around trying to find a small registry place... finally we found it 5 minutes before it closed (6:30) and registered my car... I was terribly frustrated, and I think I growled a couple times at Derek. Poor guy was trying his hardest to make it all work out... sorry again babe!

So we drove back and I put the plate on MY NEW CAR, snapped a couple pictures and we were off! I beat Derek to my house by 10 - 15 minutes (not because I was speeding (much) but because I took a different route). I love my little car. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love my inheritance! :o) Thanks Derek for putting up with grumpy Heather and for driving me all over the city! You are most welcome for letting you drive the 7 kms in my new car... I must like you! Thanks to Aunty J for helping me pick out the perfect little car for me. I love it! I think I have put on 400km's so far. :o) Still no name, but I am sure that I will find one in the new year!

So, 2 days until the big 2-6... wow, can't believe that this year has come and gone already... I was just getting used to being 25, was kinda liking it. Now, I am going to be closer to 30, and it is time (so society says) to get my act together and start being a big person! I say PHOOEY! I think I am going to be one of those people that when I am 65 I am still going to stand outside when it is snowing with my head tilted towards the sky and catch big, white, fluffy snowflakes in my mouth. As A. W. Pinero says "Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young." I think I am one of those people, I don't know how to love any other way other than wholly and completely, so I will be young forever! I don't think that is a fault, I think that is something that people of today don't do enough. When you are willing to give everything to make the other person happy, then that is loving fully, completely. The trick, I have found is finding someone that gives their all right back, instead of taking all the time. That is I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned in my short (almost) 26 years. When you love someone, make sure they love you for you, and not for what you do for them. Make sure they give back instead of always taking. I must admit, it was a hard lesson learned, but it was indeed learned.

Merry Christmas to all the bloggers out there, I am not sure if I will make an entry whilst I am away in the great white north. Thanks for sharing my journey, and making this year a very happy one. Great things are to come in 2007, and I can hardly wait... I love you all!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Corolla for the win!!!!

So, I want you all to be the first to know... I BOUGHT A CAR! YAHOOOOO! I am totally pumped about this car, and more importantly, I am confident that I fenangled my way into a good deal with this car. My new car is nameless right now... have to get to know him (her?) before I decide on a name, although Newtin has been tested and pushed around a little... time will tell. It is a Toyota Corolla, tan, automatic, 69000km's, in really good condition, has a CD player (yeah) and HEAT (Triple, quadruple yeah!). I think he is going to be a good little car and I am excited to lean what he/she can do and how well we are going to get along. As for the retiree, George... it is with a sad heart that I am going to get rid of him. I am going to clean him up nice and send him to an auction and pretend that he is going to a nice family that will love him forever, instead of the reality of someone buying him for parts! One can hope and dream! I do want to send a thanks out to the parental units... I love my inheritance... I will use it well... thanks for making it happen, and thanks for always being the ones I can turn to when I am being my neurotic, anal retentive self... you know me too well... looking back, it was fun driving all those different cars... thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, thanks Aunty J for tagging along and helping me develop the game plan (that seemed to work wonders)! And thanks to Aunty J and Sandra for knowing about the all important TOYOTA JUMP!!!! You want it? you got it... TOYOTA! YAHOOOOOO! (I think the girl from BP's is still recovering!)

So, it is 8 days until I turn 26... closer to 30 now then 20... sigh, I knew the day would come. I am not ready to be a year older... I was JUST settling into my 25 year old skin, now I have to redo the whole thing at 26??? This could get exhausting! I just look at how great this year has been (aside from the crappy parts!) and I don't want it to end. It seems that with me, when something is happy and good I decide to try and mess it all up only to discover that I want to return to where I was... which is here. I seem to go in circles, and really... I like diamonds better... :o) I just don't like to admit that I will start to get old and *gasp* wrinkled.... I hate that time catches up with you. I guess it happens to us all!

So I fly out in a week and a day for the Hay. Looking forward to some of Mom's home cooking (nothing on EARTH beats it!) and having a visit, maybe watch a game with Dad as there are no council meetings to attend with him. Grandma is home this year for the holidays, so it should be a nice time with her too... looking forward to tackling some more puzzles? I still remember that lighthouse one... I swear, I can still see those lighthouses some days! I am looking forward to some tobogganing action, and a visit with Jennifer (and a tour of her new abode! Congrats on that Jen and Tay!). Tom, Leigh Anne and the girlies are going to be down here for Christmas, so I will miss them, too bad as it is Lil' Lilies First Christmas... Maybe when I get back I can drive out to Canmore in my NEW CAR to see them... Then before I know it... I will be 26, through Christmas, and it will be 2007... Time flies when you are joyful and happy! So, once again I leave you with a quote... this one is from Tex Cobb a famous Boxer... "The measure of a man is what happens when nothing works and you got the guts to go on." Speaking modestly, as always, I think that I have some guts, my world fell apart, my plans failed, and I sucked it up an am moving on... but I feel that nothing ever happens to you when you are standing still. You have to keep on moving and exploring and taking risks to get a head and get what you want. Don't settle, don't compromise until there is nothing left on your part, don't give it all away if you get nothing in return. Hold on, make sure your grip is firm when you walk into uncharted territory... and make sure it is what you want... then go for it with all you have, and don't look back! That is what I have learned this year... learn from the past, but don't dwell on it... stay soft for those you love and who love you back, but stay focused dealing with the world... it throws you curve balls... good thing I have learned this year how to knock them out of the park!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

A year to remember...

Well it is official... it has been 1 year and 2 days since I left the town of 465 people, and I haven't looked back. This year went far too fast, was far too exciting, and I had far too much fun to look back. I have been thinking a lot about the past and it makes me sad to think that I could have hurt someone so much, and disappointed someone so much. It pains me to think about it actually. I honestly hope nothing but the best for him, he is a great man, but he just doesn't get me, and I couldn't be a part of his world; the world he refuses to step out of, and, in all honesty, I was a shadow in that world. A fraction of the person I started as, and if I had continued my soul would have vanished and I would have become empty. I don't regret for one moment the choices I have made, as they make me the person I am today. They make me realise what it is that I want, what I don't want, and how I should be treated. I know that I deserve to be happy in ALL that I do, I deserve to have opportunities to gain knowledge and creativity (by going to school and taking classes). I know that I am priceless, and that I should be treated as such, and not fall into the slave role, or the enabler role that I seemed to slink into while I was actively married. I have learned to be honest with myself, with what I want, with what I need, and with what makes me happy. I have decided what I want out of life. I want a successful career, I hope in law, and I want a significant other that is more a partner than a leader. I still have that longing to grow old with someone, to share my life with someone. I think that comes from being human and not wanting to be alone. I know that I haven't been "single" for very long periods of time through my life, and this worries people. I can't guarantee that I know what I am doing, but I can guarantee that I am following my head as well as my heart. I am happy, very happy, for the first time in a long time. This past year, despite the hardships, has been the happiest of my life. I am thankful for all the people that have been a part of it. Auntie J, Sandra, Cathy, Amy, Cayla, Nathan, Auntie Bonnie, Grandma and More importantly, Mom and Dad and of course Derek. My words will never fully express the gratitude I feel in my heart for each and everyone of you. You have filled the holes in my heart with your love, friendship and kindness, and that can never be repaid or appreciated enough. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have made my world complete.

So, on a completely different note, George will be going into retirement soon. He has been a good car, strong and reliable (save the past few months!). The best starter car a girl could have wanted. We had some good times, some bad times, some stressful times, but at all times, I was glad to have a car with such personality and flare. I have truly made him my own and he will be missed. His replacement...? Not quite sure what the verdict will be. I am going to look this weekend, and hopefully I can find a newbie (ASAP) so that I can retire George soon (he has no heat and seriously, I am afraid that the timing belt or something is going to snap while I am driving...). It is like the end of an era, the sun is setting on a chapter of my life... and like this entire year, I am getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. Seems fitting that I would be letting go of George this year, seems almost thematic in that all things from my past are let go, no matter how hard, so that I can fully embrace the future. Thanks George for the good times, and good luck with retirement... know that you were an important part of my life. You will be missed...

FYI - For all those who don't know this, George is my car, a 91 Eagle Premier. He had been mine since my 20th birthday. (Picked him up from Edmonton January 10th, 2001). He has been a great little car.

So, I guess I am a bit of a sap this morning. Perhaps it is the fact that the Christmas season is setting in, the carols are playing in the malls, the ground is lightly covered with soft, white snow. It is officially 25 days until Christmas, and only 22 days until I am 26... sigh, another year older... I guess no matter how happy one is, they can never stop their age from going up. I am still so young, but I fear that I will look back when I am 80 and realise that time went so fast, so I want to make sure that I enjoy it while I can. Hummm, this blog was supposed to be a quick little blurb on the anniversary of me leaving and about my pending purchase of a car. Can't help it when my fingers take over... they just have a mind of their own! Good day blogging world.... enjoy the first day of the Christmas season!