Monday, November 27, 2006

Relaxation + Entertainment = Great weekend!

Quick note from the Deep freeze that is Calgary... I don't normally think that it is chilly, or even Cold... but when it hits -27 C without wind chill in the morning, even I would classify it as cold. What can I say, I am wimping out! :o)

So, this weekend... wow, was it fun! I had a blast! On Friday, I had my last pottery class... sigh, it was sad, I loved pottery and plan on taking another course in the new year. I can see how I improved, and it makes me want to continue. So that was sad, but I have some really crappy and neat pieces to add to my not-yet-fully-here pottery collection. On Saturday, CoP (My company) paid for me and Derek to go to a movie with popcorn and the whole bit. We watched the new James Bond movie, and is was surprisingly better than the last ones. A lot less cheese, a lot more action. The new Bond, doesn't seem to care what the rules are, he is deviant and clever. Doesn't hurt that his baby blues are the color of the grotto in Capri... sigh! So yah, that was good. Then Derek and I did some shopping and had a coffee and stroll with a friend. We WERE going to go skating, but we lost track of time (and I mis-understood the schedule) so we postponed it. A nice relaxing night infront of the tele with the fire place on and it wintering outside... picture perfect! On Sunday it was off to the rink. YAHOO, did it feel good to be on skates. Props to my sweet... what a great kick at the cat. Very proud of you, and so happy that you came with me and stepped out of the comfort zone you love so much. You were brilliant, and there is more time to get to know the ice better... next week perhaps???? :o) I love the fact that Derek came with me, as he knows that I skated, and he isn't confident with his abilities. I told him that I tried his sport and so he should try mine. He was great! (Sorry, coaching 101 kicking in again!) I Guess it had been a couple years! :o)After the 'rip around the rink', we went to watch the movie "Deja Vu" in the WORLDS COLDEST THEATRE... it was a mind boggling, psychological thriller. If you liked "The Sixth Sense" you will like this one, even if it is a different pretense. Then it was off to grab some grub, rush home so that Derek could be late for work.... Sorry, my bad, guess I didn't plan well enough!!!! :o)

Anyhoo... it was a great, relaxing weekend full of joy and entertainment and Derek... love weekends like that... lets have more!!! Kisses to the next great one!You did brilliantly!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just do it!

So I am sitting here, planning (yes, planning) the next couple months of my life... the LSAT course, the LSAT, Pottery, Spanish Lessons, Guitar lessons... I am certain the list would go on. I want to take Spanish before I go to Peru (I to be able to kinda sorta be able to understand them!), but I do love pottery... It was so relaxing. And I do want to become David Gilmore's protege oneday, so guitar stays.... sigh, to think, I have all these choices infront of me! Sitting here planning, reminds me of a quote. William Durant (the founder of General Motors) said, "Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and DO IT". I love the sound of that... don't worry that you screwed up, forget about that... just make a new plan and do it... I don't think he means that we need to discard our mistakes like they are nothing, I do believe he intends for us to learn from them, he is merely indicating that we should not dwell on things we can not change. We can't change the past. That is what I have been doing for the past year and it seems to be working well for me. I am happier than I have been in forever (if not EVER), and I am doing things that I love. What more is there? Right now.... nothing... Je suis content.

On a totally new topic... this is a poem I wrote in May.... just throwing it out there to the blogging world....


Dreams are lopsided pleasures
Who owns their own dreams?
Guilty of innocence
My dreams are my muse.
the dreams I've had since I was little,
The dreams with which I arrived here.

I've been told that life is a journey
a collection of moments
dersires gone astray - abandoned
Life is a collection of experiences
a sum of people who grace it
the dictated path you take.

I know that inorder to become what I dream
I must not squander my soul
I must not loose myself
I must continue to tread - to wander
Follow the path that leads to desires
The often lonely path
The wandering road

Well... good night bloggers, I bid you audieu, until next time....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Edmonchuck for the win!

It is a chinookie kinda day in Cowtown... not much snow here, sigh, seems like winter only hits the north lately. Not that I particularly want the snow, people here in the city seem to go MENTAL when it snows. I just miss how pretty it is, and some days long to look out the window and see the blanket of white. Well, I got this this weekend. I flew up to Edmonton to visit with the parental units (and of course to renew my membership to 'power shoppers r' us'!) It is amazing what can be done in just 8 hours... they managed to buy Christmas presents for Tom, Leigh Anne, Rowan, Lily, Jennie and Ken and Eli, Lucy and Gary, Grandma, Aunty J, Me (I think) and each other... WOW... it was the most intense power shopping session I have done to date... and this is an annual ritual.

It was also my mother and her twin sister Lucy's Birthday this weekend, so on Friday night, the immediate family (Mom, Dad, and Me) had a good meal at the good ol' Olive Garden (My favorite Place, yummy!). We had a great chat about the divorce, Derek, my job, my goals. It was really great for me, I felt like I could talk to them again, and not have to worry about what they thought. I am coming to terms with the fact that I may not always please my parents by my decisions, but they are my decisions and if it makes me happy then I should feel good about it, and not guilty. I realized this is how I felt about a lot of things in my life right now... most specifically Derek. He makes me really happy, we have fun, and he is very important to me, and I am glad that I could feel comfortable telling Mom and Dad this and not have to worry about their reaction, because that wouldn't change how I felt about Derek. So, I am glad that it was such a nice evening.

On Saturday night, we had a bit of a party at Jennie and Ken's. There was Aunty Lucy and Uncle Gary, Daniel and his girlfriend Barb, Jason and Raya (and little Jaxson), Jeremy, Uncle Frank and Aunty Irene, Aunty Margie, Tony and Joan (and Maddy and Becca), Jennie and Ken (and Eli) and Mom, Dad and Me. So like 20 people (counting the little humans). We watched the 'Oil' achieve victory after a shootout lasting 6 rounds (way to go Rolo!)... ate some Chinese food, had some cake (OK, 2 different kinds of cake), a little vino, and visited. It was a nice evening with family. Once the house had been vacated, it was present wrapping time. Seeing as Mom and Dad couldn't take all the presents with them, they wrapped some and left them there for Tom and Leigh Anne to pick up on their way down to Calgary for Christmas. If it wasn't for Margie the Machine, we would have been up past 2AM wrapping presents. A job well done! Thanks Margie!

So Sunday was a day of rest, literally. We hurried to the Airport, rushed through security and Dad barely made his plane (long line ups....) and Mom made hers quite shortly thereafter. Mom headed to Toronto (aka. the Centre of the Universe) for a conference and visit with her family, and Dad was headed for Hay River, home sweet home! So that left me.... well my flight didn't board until 3:30, and it was 11:00... so I had a snack, read a little and fell asleep in a chair by a fire for like 2 hours. I woke up and the people around me had changed and I was totally weirded out. You want to know the definition of a creepy, displaced feeling? Fall asleep in an airport... nothing there stays the same it seems. So I went and had some lunch, then found out that my gate had changed... rectified that and waited for my little 30 minute flight to Calgary... as Derek says, I could have driven there and back in the time it took me to board... oh well... C'est la vie.

Over all it was a good weekend. Not really restful, I am still tired, but it was fun in that I got to see some family, and I got to go shopping for a whole day. So, thanks Mom and Dad for the shopping... it was long and busy, but fun. And Thanks to Ken and Jennie for the hospitality, you always make me feel like royalty when I stay there. Oh, and a shout out the Pete Sr. Great seeing you again... you haven't changed one bit... hope your trip home was great! Good ol' Pete!

Sigh, so another week sets in, and it feels weird. This is the first week in like 3 that I have to work the whole thing. Not that I am complaining... it is just feeling odd... Just think 35 days until Christmas (yeah), and that means 31 days until I have another day off (other than the weekends). As Mom would say, it is time to hunker down, pull up the proverbial boot straps and get it done! I always find the time close to Christmas unbelievably hard to focus on something other than fun stuff... but that is why Christmas is so great, it is fun... I Love Christmas!

Sooooo..... Next item on the list... Skating.... ready my sweet??? We are going this week.... :o)Grab the skates, a sweater and some gloves and lets hit the ice... shall I make reservations???? :o)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This weekend was nice and relaxing. I had Friday off due to Remembrance day and so I spent it doing all the things I should have done a while ago, like clean out my car and closet... I brought 6 more boxes to the thrift store, perhaps part of my simplification plan. I plan on having very little that I would have to store if I just take off to roam the world. Sigh, if that could only happen.

So, back to this weekend. On Saturday, remembrance day, Derek, Cayla and I went to the Jubilee to take in the festivities and watch Nathan as he stood post. He was like a machine, and only wavered once (mind you, it almost made Cayla and I have a heart attack, as we thought he might lose some teeth). Great Job Nathan! You did us proud! Then it was off to the legion, to toast the veterans. It brought back memories of the Legion in Jasper for some reason, and spending time there. It also brought back memories of Grandpa, of course, and both Cayla and I realized how much we missed visiting Grandpa after the ceremony. Crazy how little things like that become a part of your world. Then the bag pipes began to play, and I was three beers in... the tears began to flow and I began to miss Grandpa more. It seemed weird sitting in a Legion on remembrance Day, surrounded by Veterans from many conflicts and wars, listening to the bag pipes. They of course played Amazing Grace (seems like a pipe band can't go a session without playing that darned song), and this reminded me of Dad and me standing on a corner in Scotland, listening to the blind piper play... this song also reminds me of Grandpa, just something about it always makes me think of him. Just like "Danny Boy"... it reminds me of my Dad too... he used to sing that song often, doesn't anymore since it was a song at Grandpa's funeral. Crazy how a little song can remind you of so much. It is crazy how we can associate memories to songs. Crazy.

It is always an emotional day. It is like I have a day to remember Grandpa, the man who is the founder of our family. Where we got our name from (at least the earliest Hamilton I knew). The man that fought for our country, and saved his head while sacrificing his legs (at least that is what his running joke was). The man who could stick his finger SO far up his nose it would make you stare, until he pulled it out, and you realized that he had 1/2 a finger. The man that asked what I did to my head (when I shaved it) just days before he passed away. The man that always had a candy and whisker rub, and the man that would have a fire in the fire place everyday of the year if he could have. I love the fact that I have a day to remember him, and although he wasn't perfect, far from it in fact, he was still my Grandpa and I will love him forever. I am proud to say that my Grandpa was a veteran who fought for our country, who lost many friends for our country, and who sacrificed a part of who he was for our country. I am proud to say that my Grandpa was a hero. So, it was a great day in remembrance, solemn at some points, but happy and reminiscent for most. Thanks Cayla for the venues, and Thanks Derek for coming with and being a part of the whole experience. It was a great day. It was a great way to remember what was sacrificed and a great way to remember the people that fought for it. To my Grandpa, to the memories, to the hero.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome November!

Wow... if all months start like this, I wanna sign up for that plan... yowza! So, it was snowy and pretty and nippy for Halloween, the poor little humans had to bundle up to rob us big people of our coveted candy. I passed on this ritual this year, maybe next year I will be more in the "boo" spirit... instead, Princess Heather went out for supper with her knight. (We did go and party the night away the Friday before, so we felt we should hunker down for a relaxing evening... besides, Halloween is a great time to go to a restaurant, no kidletts running up and down the isles or screaming...) I do have to admit that I have the most BEAUTIFUL little humans related to me... Princess Rowan and Lily the Sprite. (you can see their pictures... aren't they sweet?)

So, after Halloween, there have been concerts and more concerts... First was James Blunt... (James who? He is a new rock singer, and I totally dig his stuff...) Derek and I had wicked good seats (third row, centre) and sat there and watched as this great song writer wooed us with his lyrics and crazy antics... you know you aren't totally famous when you can jump off the stage and not get MAULED to death!!!!! He is a great guitarist, and even once while strumming his 12 string acoustic, he got really into it and you could see strings breaking as he played... totally cool. I think Derek enjoyed it (that was after Grandpa Camera dude got fired after the opening act... good job Lou!). I love James' soul-wrenching, passionate, heart-breaking songs. I discovered him like 7 months ago and I fell in love with how inspired he made me feel. His songs are the reason I am writing again. (and probly the reason why they are OVERLY mournful and isolationistic). Anyways, LOVE James Blunt... even if his eyes totally freaked me out! :o)

That was Friday night, and last night was the Bush Wackers themselves, the Dixie Chicks... Gawd was that a great show. They sang for 2 hours solid... and mixed their old stuff with their new... it was awesome... I love their stuff, and have always... and NOW, I love them even more because they are standing up for what freedom should mean, and not what the government tells us is freedom. I love the fact that they make no apologies for what they stand for, they are who they are fearlessly, wholly, tirelessly. It is inspiring to me when people stand up and fight against the man... the one who dictates to us how we should live and who we should listen to. Who says that democracy is the right thing, or capitalism? History? Funny how history always has a tendency to lie. History can be morphed into something it was not even close to being. An example... if you ask me the history of my life, and if you ask my Mom the history of my life they would be similar... but if you ask Joe or Kevin for my history, I am CERTAIN it would be jaded and untrue. Anyways, I like how the Dixie Chicks stand up for their rights under the "Constitution" which is what most Americans preach.

So, what is on the horizons for the remainder of November? Well, Remembrance day is coming up, that always makes me ponder the freedom I take so much for granted. And then I fly to meet the Parental units (and 1/2 my mom's family almost) in Edmonton. I am very lucky this year, as I get to celebrate both my mom and dad's birthdays with them. This hasn't happened in close to 10 years, since I have been out of high school... wow, 10 years, sigh!

So blogging world... I'll write more when I have more to write... (talk about circular... I should be a politician!) I will, as always, leave you with a quote... "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!" ~ unknown. I like to believe that there is a plan for me, but that doesn't mean I am going to sit by and "let it pan out!" I am going to take charge, move on, keep it going... and my attitude has changed so much over this year... The real Heather has emerged, and thus, the things that are in my world are totally different, and keep changing. This is because I have taken life by the reins and started steering myself, not letting someone else do the driving. This (changing my attitude and the way I look at life), has been the most important change of this year, and just look at what I have accomplished! The way you look at things, changes your life... I believe this, and have proved this, and am loving every minute of it.