Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The world is good!!!

The sun is shining, it is a beautiful day in the city of Calgary... all is right in my world. I got an offer of employment at a job I love on Friday, I am estatic to be standing solid... that is how it feels right now... solid. Everything else in my world is great... got a GREAT guy that for some reason wants to stick around, I can drive and go where ever I want, I am doing things I want to do... the world is good!
So what is next on the agenda??? I am going to go skydiving. I am terrified, but so excited it hurts... the anticipation is the thing... it is the driving force behind many exciting events for me. An example would be Christmas... it is so long coming and then, it is over... the preparation, the excitement (the food), and then it is over for another year... That is what I feel this whole jumping out of a plane thing will be... not nearly as terrifying as I think it will be, so much fun, and then the disapointment after it is over... sad that it is over really. Why you ask do I hope to be disapointed... well, like Christmas, the experience can be repeated... and is repeated. I hope to enjoy this, but my expectations are low in that I don't want to get into this sport (I always chuckle at that) just because the amazing guy I am dating is brilliant at it. I want to do this for me and only me... a little bit of the old Heather cringes as she hears that, why would you do anything for yourself she says!....
I have finally wrapped up the whole "George got hit" issue. It only took a month of me hounding the insurance company of the lady who hit me... I am such a sucker in that I will always be the one to volunteer to do the grunt work... sometimes I love it, but times like this, I really don't... I just hate being bitchy! (but I guess I must be good at it for the fact that I can usually get my way... either that or I am THAT cute hehehe).
Nothing too philosophical today... I am in too good a mood to get all deep and wishy-washy! I just want to run around in the sunshine, bare footed, singing to my self my silent song of happiness... basking in the glory of the day and the joy of life.